Peak Curation Contest #1

2년 전

Do you think you are a good curator, maybe even the best?

CC0 Pixabay

So inscribe yourself leaving a comment to this contest and prove it!

Every day you will get a score and the one who will have the highest sum after a week will get as reward the author's payout of this post.

The daily score will be calculate as follow:

  • your voting weight on this post

  • if your curation's efficiency ratio, on your best daily curation reward, will result to be in the first 3 positions the score will be multiply by:

x 5 (1st pos)

x 3 (2nd pos)

x 2 (3rd pos)

You will able to check daily you score with the update scoreboard.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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