Analyze the digital art of @xpilar. (Competition 28)


Hello Everyone!!

Image source and contest rules

This image is great because it made me imagine so much, it seems to be the front of a metal ship, where I am hidden, hidden between so much metal, but entertaining enjoying the view of the sea and the sky.

(Sometimes it happens in real life that we have some problem or uncomfortable situation and we get into our fort but God gives us so many beauties, so many reasons that we should go out, contemplate and thank.
Life is full of beauties, landscapes that force us to continue).

I invite you to invest your time in enjoying and creating art, this is a creative world worth contemplating, analyzing and studying, active in you the most sensitive and wonderful of your being, if you wish you can follow, comment and be inspired by art @xpilar digital

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thanks for great description @teresah

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