Snapfeed Competition #15


Photo by Arthur Edelman

Have you noticed all of these people on the streets with their eyes glued to their shiny illuminated phone screens? They will rather walk into you than raise their eyes to see where they're going. Or worse, get hit by a car because they didn't check if it was safe to cross the street. Have you seen or read that some cities across the world have started installing phone addict friendly traffic lights?

This competition is to encourage everyone to go out there and notice the beauty and wonder around us. All of which we notice less and less each day because we do not bother with anything other than what is on the screens of our portable gadgets.

If you're new and haven't quite figured out what to post on your brand new Steem account, this would be a good starting point. No writing skills or even photography skills required to take part, just your attention and consideration to other people on the streets.

Alongside with this currently weekly competition, I am running a Make It Count game which is a lot more frequent and easier to join. In Make It Count, everyone's a winner and will share a payout of the post.

Four simple steps to participate in the competition:

  • Make a post with 4-5 photos of something you saw that day.
  • Tag your post with #snapfeed.
  • Post a link to your post in the comments.
  • Make sure you have read the rules.

No upvote, no follow, no resteem required.

What is a competition without a few rules:

  • Prize for the winner is 3 SBI shares and 1 PLKN token (sponsored by @mermaidvampire & @plankton.token).
  • Winner will be randomly chosen from valid entries once this post pays out.
  • Photos need to be your own.
  • All photos need to be of a different subject or place.
  • One entry per person.
  • Quality of your photos will not be judged.
  • No written text about the photos required.
  • The subject of the photos will not be judged, but do keep it classy and free of hate, judgment, agendas and everything that might be considered offensive.
  • Photos taken off from screens do not count.
  • Explore and have fun.

Some ideas for photos:

  • Patterns
  • Colours and contrasts
  • Shapes
  • Details
  • Wildlife
  • Flowers
  • Something funny
  • Something weird
  • Something you've never seen before
  • Something you see every day, but never took time to appreciate

The winner of Snapfeed Competition #14 is...


Check out the entry post here.

Congratulations to the winner and sincere thank you to everyone who is supporting this tiny effort to change the world.

Special thank you to all the other participants:


Wall of fame (aka previous winners):

@akumagai winner of #1 & #14
@strongwoman winner of #2 & #6
@olivia08 winner of #3 & #7
@nodzz winner of #4
@cdaveboyles23 winner of #5 & #11
@fredkese winner of #8
@g10a winner of #9
@jurich60 winner of #10
@putu300 winner of #12
@deantonio winner of #13

I hope you all liked this little challenge and I very much hope you find it in you to go out there once again to see the beauty and wonder for this week's competition entry.

Screenshot 20190922 at 11.37.49.png

Screenshot 20190922 at 11.43.18.png

Screenshot 20190922 at 11.44.00.png

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HEY HEY HEY It's fat Albert!

Thank you for the opportunity and the win!!! First of of like to thank God for gracing me with my existence. My parents for popping me in and out. My peers for pushing me. And you @tggr for the competition.
Holds his hand up in the air as a sign of victory

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This is a great initiative
Ure so right about how people take things for granted sometimes

  ·  작년

Thank you. They do, don't they? It's quite sad actually. Funny how I used to think that it's very bad how everyone back home was constantly on their phones, now after moving to Asia, I can see there is plenty of room for improvement :P Here it doesn't matter if you're young or you're old, everyone's addicted to their gadgets the same way.

  ·  작년

Saludos. Por acá dejo mi entrada. por primera vez.