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Math... not my cup of tea. Nice setup tho. Gave you a vote but not participating! I'm just curious about brain stuff haha

If ppl want to get smarter to solve this problem ;P


You don't need too deep skills in math for this problem ;)

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My answer is:

The equation cannot be solved.
On the first column x = -46,56
2nd column y= -151,28

x and y have to be the equal so that the equation can be solved.


The equation can be solved - Try again ;)


-104,71938900 = 0 , this is the third column kindy lol

I need to use the calculator just to be sure 2+2 still equals 4.

I answer with y +x = 98.923584

Don't laugh too hard.


Thank you fo joining :) We will see later if you were right!

x=-46.563889 y=-151.283278


We will see in a few hours :) good luck

x=y = any non zero real number