Closed: Round 5: Free Delegations for 4 Weeks

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Go to Round 6's Post as this post is now closed.

This is my 5th week of giving away delegations to some deserving newer steemians. I will announce the winners of week 4 tomorrow.

Why am I doing this?

While I understand the idea that the witnesses and Steemit Inc (@ned) were going for with RC's they have had a serious negative effect on our newest Steemians. RC's have handcuffed new steemit members and I am trying to remove those limitations for a select few people each week.

As a decentralized project it's our duty as members of the community to each pitch in and make the project a success. Without the community supporting each other there is no future for Steem or Steemit so this is my way of pitching in a little.

This is a simple little giveaway/contest for those who need some help being able to engage on steemit. The idea is to help people that are running into RC issues which limits the amount of commenting and posting they can do each day. Without the ability to engage it is very hard to build an audience and without that audience you aren't going to have people seeing your content.


Contest/Give Away Rules

  1. You must have less then 100sp
  2. Leave a comment below with your entry, start entry with "THIS IS MY ENTRY" and then tell me how much SP you currently have, how often you post, and why you would like the Delegation.
  3. You must power up your earnings and not be withdrawing them. Want to reward people who are showing they plan to be part of steemit long term.


I want to get people up to 100sp or give them 50sp towards this. So the prizes will be "up to" 50sp and all prizes will be for 4 weeks.

  1. Max prize is 50sp for 4 weeks
  2. Max I will increase your SP to is 100sp (if you have 40sp max prize if 50sp, if you have 75sp max prize is 25sp)
  3. Max for this weeks prizes is 200sp, but only if enough quality original content producing people enter

Who receives the delegations is purely up to me as it's my money. But understand that I'm looking for active accounts that are producing quality Original Content.

Bonus Prize

@minnowbuilder3 will be set to autovote your content for at least the 4 weeks you are getting the delegation. This means a daily free upvote on your posts. The goal of the Minnow Builder Program is to support hand picked steemians who have less then 500sp with daily upvotes.

It would be nice...

I never require upvotes, follows, or resteems to enter a contest but those things are all nice.

Resteems are a HUGE help with a project like this. Getting the offer of free delegation in front of the people that need to see it most is critical. Looking at my list of followers most will not qualify for this offer so I need some help promoting this. Help me help the community.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Thanks for your efforts.
I'll resteem and repost to local steemit telegram group

This time please count me in @thedarkhorse ☺ I will try my best to keep posting abd optimize the RC I have (maybe I should asked my wife to help me find the content to post😂😂😂)


Thanks for your entry. You will be considered for sure at the end of the week.

Well done! I'll try to keep an eye out for people who I think would benefit from this program!

This is very good and helpful thing you are doing here.
Steem on

great stuff @thedarkhorse. I will try visit the posts from entrants and show them a little support. Resteemed


It hasn't been super effective so far, but for those getting the support I'm sure they are benefiting. Was expecting more requests then have happened so far. Thanks for the resteem, hopefully all of them this week will help increase the number of people that apply.

Great that you keep on doing this. And thanks for reminding me of the fact that I really need to get the new Redfish Rockets post out :0)

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Glad it helped serve as a reminder. If you run into anyone you think would benefit please send them my way.


It seems to be pretty difficult to find applicants. I haven't checked today, but my post didn't get a lot of response.
If you have too many of them, feel free to send them my way, lol

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