‘Caption This’ Round 22 & Round 21 winners announced!!!

3년 전

As previously noted in numerous winner announcements, I do at times miss the date by a few days.. This time my excuse is not good. I have been sitting on a beach in Cartagena and exploring the historical centre that makes this city incredibly unique and also breathtaking beautiful.

This rounds entries were imagitive, creative and definitely made me smile - it really is the real reason I began this little contest for complete selfish reasons so that I could laugh and smile.

I did love all the entries, as I always do and here are the 3 winners of Round 21!

Winners of Round 21 are!!!

1st Place ~ @jadyclem
"How you feel when mum told you that you can't play with the other kids until you finish your homework"
2nd Place ~ @artofwisdom
”When it's late and you have to take your drunken friend home.”
3rd Place ~ @gabriela24
”because you do not look at me you think I'm chubby."

The Rules are simple:
1.In the comments below write a caption about what you believe the animal or animals are thinking/saying.
2.Only 2 comments/entries per photo MAXIMUM
3.HAVE fun and be creative otherwise what is the point :)
Side note: upvoting & resteeming isn’t a rule because I am not that type of person to force you to do it order to join in - BUT it is greatly appreciated. If this contest gets bigger and bigger than the winnings will in turn become bigger and bigger

1st place - 5SBD
2nd place - 3SBD
3rd place - 2SBD



Thanks for reading and all the support, Steemit!!

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1.- Repeat after me: We are hungry we want to EAT fish.
2.-When your best friend and you are in the casting of the movie: Two Trees Quiet

1.- Hey buddy, take a deep breath and keep your balance, but please do not burp so much
2.- When your brother shows you steps of his new dance and you go in another direction

With So Many AirDrops Happening all the time....
Can we have some fish airdropped ?.... Please :)

The cool ones just arrived at the party.

She said that the best sore throat remedy is saltwater gargle!

Me running away from my sister after taking her clothes

My friend and I leaving the club pretending that I just didn’t puke at the bathroom.

#01: When you're at the disco with your best friend at 3:00 am and the DJ puts on your favorite song.

  1. “F#@k, that bird just sh!t on my head!”

  2. “God... If you're out there... Please help me ditch that copy-cat behind me."

Hello @thomasjmitchell, my entry:
All eating ¿and us when we enjoy the little fish that falls from the sky?

When you don’t have a chin but you’ve got a chinstrap and mom always told you “Chin up little buddy!”

Thanks :)

  • '' When you've spotted the flying fish flyover. ''

  • '' Dear Lord, send us some fish! ''

  • when you and your bestie are both broke, but you just gotta look up to the sky and act cool
  • How guys walk with their heads up high when they just got a fresh hair cut from the barbers shop.

When you're trying to mimic other birds floating in the air and you're wondering why your legs are still on the ground.

Global warming effect : penguins loosing their manpower with less snow.

When you and your best friend think you're too good to hang out with the plebs, so you hold your head up high.

What you do when you resign from that boring job that is messing up your life. You just raise your hands up high, look into the sky and scream out loud, "I'm free!"

Yaah! I came first. Thanks very much

@thomasjmitchell please, I'm yet to get the prize for the contest 21

"Yeah man, I'm telling you! If they can fly, so can we!!"

Nice post
Please follow me and upvote me

I follow you and upvote you

Look at the roof top Tom, Your GF is with another Penguine

#02: When you finally arrive home after classes.


Oh I finally found my family.

Hey look up, I can see SBD rate moving very high.

Brother, if you're going to sing open your wings like this ... Everyone is watching you ...

1st entry
Oh God look at these innocents and give them one pink lipstick they have not any.

Congratulations to the winners (/'-')/
Here are my entries:

1.- "You and your best friend finally leaving the classroom when the teacher says 'If you don't like it, you can go' "
2.-"Alexa, if you tell we are adopting another baby, I swear to God I am leaving you!"

Good luck everyone!

Congrats to the winners ...

Entry 1 :

Entry 2

1.Come on, yes, here's ours, Come on, if we can, it's over.
2.relax friend, for the next one we will not fail, keep it for sure.

Oh my God.! I was the 3ºLugar than happiness. Thank ...
Here my entry:
1st: That one that is flying is your mom or mine!
2nd: For how much longer do we have to be like this? I have torticulis

Pengod, why you dont let us fly?

First entry:

When it's hot outside and you arrive home to the A/C.

2nd entry
O God make this world peaceful and full of fishes.

Hello, it is the first time that contest ...congratulations to the winners!
My entry:

1st comment

“Hey buddy, take a look at the rainbow it’s so beautiful”

2nd comment

“When you go to a beyonce concert and she comes in Hanging upside down woahhhh”

First comment

“That moment you and your friend are drunk dancing at the club”.

As all women walk when they leave the beauty salon

When you want to fly but your wings do not allow it.