Quick and easy game!

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Hello guys! I'm back again for our second-time giveaway! For this quick and easy game, just follow correctly the mechanics on how to join this game! Everyone can join and hope you enjoy this easy game!


The mechanics:

  1. You must be my follower in steemit.
  2. Please vote and resteem this post.
  3. You must be my YouTube subscriber (make sure your subscription is public). Here's my YouTube channel https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC9MaxM4VEt-HaVR403uGlvw
  4. Hit the like button of my 3 videos on youtube.
  5. Watch all three videos on my YouTube, I'll share the link dowN below.

First video

Second video

Third video

  • If you watch the full videos, then you will get the correct answer to this game. So please watch the video.

  • The first person who will comment the correct answer will get 0.5 steem and half payout of this post.

  • Just comment your ANSWER in the the section down below, along with your YouTube channel too. So I can verify your account.

  • The reward will be sent after the payout of this post.


1.) What are those 7 quick tutorials in my three YouTube videos?

Again, your answer must be in the comment section down below. Please follow the instructions to avoid disqualification.

I'll take a screenshot for the first person who answers correctly. I will make another post for the update who won this game before or after the payout! So please check out in my next post for the announcement of the winner.

Thank you for joining and hope to see you next time in my giveaway!

P. S.
You can visit my facebook page at this link: Craftytionery


Thanks for dropping by!


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Keep calm and be creative!

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Here's my answer.

  1. How to make Envelope with Envelope Liner .(We R Memory Keepers review & demo part 1)
  2. How to make a 3D Envelope.(We R Memory Keepers tutorial Part 2)
  3. How to make a Paper Bow.(We R Memory Keepers tutorial Part 2)
  4. How to make a Paper Box.(We R Memory Keepers tutorial Part 2)
  5. How to make a String Tie Box.(We R Memory Keepers part 3 tutorial!!!)
  6. How to make a Coin Envelope.(We R Memory Keepers part 3 tutorial!!!)
  7. How to make a File Folder Card. (We R Memory Keepers part 3 tutorial!!!)

YTC: alger gio


Ui nadaug diay q 😂😂

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String tie box, coin envelope, bow, box, file folder, card, 3D enveloped

Deborah Castrojo ytc

Pang negosyo mn jud ning imu maam ba., ngita diay qg mapalitan ani.. para mugma nkng wg aqang box inig pasko aq ihatag para dli na sila maikog mohatag ug regalo s aqa. 😂😂


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Murag ana jud sir pang small bizniz pero wa koy client lagi lol!!!


Nindut naas pinas maam hilig nya pinoy ingun ani s mga okasyon, kasal, bday, baptisim etc. Nya makisosyo ka sa naay mga printshops/photoshops pangasab.an nimu sila haha. Pwedikaau oang give aways ba.

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Naa ni s pinas sir i order pa online , nice jud sir if maghimo invitation labaw na s envelope hehhehe niapil kunuhay ko s invitation maker s pinas sir aron daghan makuha ideas hehehe


Ngita diay ko ani, hehe nindut jud pang invitain ba.

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Gandang mga idea for give aways😊😊😊 super love it , mo try ko ani , gwapo ni sa business puhon😊😊


Hello mam musta na? Join puhon a ako small game mam.


Hello ok lang oy, cge moapil ko ana games mam😊


Ok see you in the next round..

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Wahaha nkatulog ko, give it do giono problems

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