Your Top 3 - The WORST Movies I Have Ever Seen



Be careful what you wish for? I made the suggestion in the @YourTop3 for the WORST MOVIES of all time and low and behold ... That is what this month's topic is. Thought it would be a change of pace. Very honored that it was chosen.

I am one of those I set out to watch the movies that most people say are awful. I have actually found quite a few gems. I found it odd at what one person finds as bad another truly enjoys.

Here's my list of what I consider just really bad movies.

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To Die For


This 'mockumentary' which is 'based' on the true story of Pamela Smart (A woman who had sex with a teenager and convinced him and a friend to kill her husband ...) It put Nicole Kidman in the starring role as a reporter that will do 'anything' to get ahead including sleeping with a teenager and having him and his friend kill her husband.

I guess just the write up alone should have been enough to clue me in. How she even won a Golden Globe for this performance is beyond me. It was like everyone was reading their lines from a teleprompter. Can you even imagine a roll where Leaf .. oh wait Joaquin Phoenix is unforgettable? This is THAT movie. The critics LOVED IT.

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Spies Like US


OMG she picked a Chevy Chase, Dan Akroyd movie!! She has to be insane!! I think maybe it was more of a let down. When the advertisements came out, it looked hilarious. Two of the most loved original SNL cast with movies like Vacation and The Blues Brothers under their belts what could possible go wrong??

Well.. those advertisements that show the funny stuff to get you to come see the movie ... well those were the only funny parts of the movie. I cannot even begin to say how much I was disappointed. Even years later, it's like a bad flash back. It's still the same scenes that are funny. Somethings don't get better with age, they're just rotten.

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The Blair Witch Project


A horror movie, that isn't a movie but a documentary, but isn't?? I think? Maybe naa none of the about. Let's all put our phones on selfie mode and run around in the woods, trying to believe a bunch of sticks means there is a witch and ..yeah what was this about again?? Oh yeah REALLY bad movie. The only thing it scared was your eyeballs. The movement is so erratic that it make me nauseous.
More money wasted on something I thought might be a bit different.
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Don't like my picks?? Well guess what ....PICK YOUR OWN! Full details in the link at the top ok here too ~~~> HERE

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Yay! Glad to see you made it this month. Though I suppose we didn't give you much choice with using your topic suggestion. ;) I totally forgot about To Die For, though there are a few Kidman choices I could put on the stinker list. I probably forgot about it because I agree with you in that it was quite forgettable. I haven't seen Spies Like Us, but sounds like it was a miss, as well. Even the best comedians fall flat on the humor sometimes. And Blair Witch actually spooked me a bit originally, but once we found out it was all a hoax it was easy to see how silly it was. They definitely pulled a fast one on me to take my money, haha. Excellent terrible choices this month!


LOL thanks. I knew in my gut that Blair Witch had to be some sort of hoax. I guess I got caught up in all the hub bub so I went to see it just for that reason. That is the first and only movie I walked out on.

I'm sorry about missing Feb. I hate to say it but I honestly didn't have anything to contribute (well anything that was worth writing)


I tend to be a bit gullible, so it had me fooled at first. That's a pretty good record if that's the only movie you've ever walked out on. We generally only make it out to the theaters maybe once a year, so if I pay to see it on the big screen I usually try to make sure I know it is something that should be decent at least, haha!

And no worries on missing Feb! We know not everyone is going to love each topic, so we're just happy when we find ones that people enjoy. Seems like everyone is having fun with your suggestion for this round!

Another three movies I did not get to see, so thanks for the warning and why you found them lacking.

I have drawn a blank with least enjoyed movies, still mulling over so far only one came to mind immediately.

Have an awesome weekend.


We tend to forget what we don't like. I think why these stood out is essentially being let down and feel like money and time was wasted.

I've never seen the first two. But Blair Witch, I've only watched a few scenes. It annoyed me so bad, I just couldn't really watch it, yet there are some people that actually think it was good and really scary. I guess the element of not being able to see anything and only catch a glimpse is a fear all in itself and is enough for them to want to shut their eyes during the movie. I don't know, just not for me, so I can definitely agree with you there on the WORST movie EVER! :P


What 'scares' me about Blair Witch is that small percentage that think it's real.

Booooom! There it is. Somebody picked it. Haha. I thought the Blair Witch Project was awesome. I nominated the second movie which, please don't say you like it @tryskele 😂, was just shocking.

Good luck with the contest and well done for the suggestion.



Thanks for choosing it. I just think it's fun to see what people don't like as well as like. Their reason range so much from utterly ridiculous to just plain awful.

You know, I'm not entirely a Nicole Kidman fan, and as for the plot? Based simply on that I might have given it a miss. For some reason, I The Blair Witch Project just passed me by. Clearly I missed nothing. However, Chevvy Chase and Dan Ackroyd, I'd deliberately miss.

So, do I say good choices? P'raps not. lol


Now you know you're not missing anything LOL. I'm not a huge Nicole Kidman fan either. She has had a couple of decent movies but nothings that is 'To Die For' 😂🤣

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Haha, well, you simply HAD to enter given it was your suggestion of topic! Thanks for that by the way and for the list of films I never want to see or hear about again. Blair Witch Project gave me nightmares in a different sense because of how bad it was! Can't say about the other two films but the plot alone sounds garbage.

Good luck in the contest!


I just was empty for the last one. Wow what does that say about me . I am thinking the whole 'mockumentary' thing is just bad. There is 1 that was ok, but I can't even remember the name of LOL. I wish these fell in to utterly forgettable.


Haha, yea it's hard to remember those films we'd rather forget! Thankfully we get to see the whole lot again in our dpoll list of "total tripe" films 😀

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