$150,000 to find "Pivot super ambassador"

3년 전

Pivot is actually one of the best places to earn cryptocurrency . Here you can earn by reading and sharing posts and also through the soccer prediction game which has become very popular. Pivot has 1,000,000+ downloads till now .

Pivot is spending 28 BTC = $150,000 just for finding it's super ambassador

Schedule : 21st Nov - 27th Nov

-->During this campaign Pivot will release 28 BTC in total as bonus in 7 days ,i.e(4 BTC each day).

-->The 4 BTC bonus is shared based on the amount that the invited person has predicted.

-->Amount of BTC each user can share = 4 BTC.

-->BTC bonus will be deposited to Pivot wallet before 6:00AM (GMT+0) of the next day.

-->The campaign applies only to Pivot Soccer prediction.


-->How to get more BTC bonus ?
1)Invite more friends by sharing this to your friends , relatives and oother family members or you can even share this
to some social media like facebook , whatsapp , instagram, etc. You can get bonus only when your friends join Pivot
and predict using your referral link.
2)If you have already invited people , then encourage them to participate in the soccer prediction.


Pivot invitation : https://www.pivot.one/app/invite_login?inviteCode=ahazdc

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