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Again the king said , " I will not let the bee family take over my kingdom" and this time he was very firm about it . For the past ten years the bees and the beetles have been in a serious conflict or will I say war, because it has recently involved killings. The bees believed that they were being intimidated by the beetles and have sworn to take over the beetle kingdom's farm land for honey combs .
Yesterday the beetle princess was seriously beaten up by the bees because she was found with her friend alone in her father's garden checking up her yam farm.
Tim was their as the queen was lamenting but do not want to react because he don't want any one to understand the recent changes in him whenever he gets angry.... He is the fire beetle and can set the whole country ablaze if he so wish,but on the second thought he said to himself, " I have been waiting for an opportunity to my the king believe I am a real man and can take care of his daughter, I think this is a good time for that"_ Hara,the beetle princess is a very beautiful young girl with everything a male beetle will be looking for. Tim have been trying to get her attention and that was the reason why he was at the palace this morning.
"I can save our land from bee attack if am given the opportunity" Tim said to the confused king . With this the king stood up from his throne .."and how do you intend doing that, even our soldiers have failed so many times on their attack on them" , Tim was happy he has been given attention and the greatest of all is that Hara was there too. He then said to the king, "My king I will bring them to justice for beating up our princess and killing our brothers he said and left.
On this way to the bee kingdom he found many of his brothers lying dead on the road, "they were arm bushed and killed by those reckless bees" he thought to himself and this got him more angry...oopps !!! , His eyes and body were already changing and he had to hasten up to get to the bee kingdom before he starts his destruction.. In no much time the land of the bees was all ablaze and none of the bees could even stand his powers ....he was happy that he did it and the glory that awaits him back home. He will be given a grand welcome!!!

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