Are You a Talented Poet? Then I Want to Help You! Daily Bread Contest Backed by Whaleshares and Isle of Write Communities

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This contest’s goal is to support talented poets coming to the blockchain. Here’s the deal: Show me a good sample of your poetry and if it inspires me, I will back many of your next posts with my vote and summon whale votes on them to help you produce more good content.

What you get if you win the contest:

  1. Whaleshares community will support your next 10 posts with whale votes (1 post a day).
  2. The Isle of Write community will post a feature dedicated exclusively to the winner and their blog content and also add the winner to its auto vote for the next 30 days.
  3. I will upvote your posts with a 100% vote during the next 30 days (1 post a day) and resteem to my 1400 followers some of them during this time.

While there will be only one winner in this contest, I’ll also made a shortlist of participants I find inspiring and every shortlist member will receive 100 DBREAD tokens (a BitShares account is required). Hold them as they may have value in the future.

Shortlist members with a special mention will also receive LITT tokens courtesy of @ash.

To enter the contest, do the following:

  1. Post in the comments a link to your poem published on the blockchain (approximately 100-500 words long). Focus on choosing a quality work which makes a good sample of your writing talent. It would be great if you add a few words about yourself and your writing. Don’t forget to add your BitShares name to receive DBREAD tokens in case you get to the shortlist.
  2. Upvote and resteem this announcement post to make the contest interesting and worth entering.

Contest conditions

  1. My choice is subjective.
  2. Your authorship should be unquestionable. There will be a plagiarism check.
  3. I reserve the right to stop supporting the winner’s posts the quality of her/his posts is essentially reduced after the contest.

Application deadline: a week from today. The winner will be announced in a separate post.

Enjoy the contest, I am eager to see your entries!

Contest Sponsors

Whaleshares Community

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The Isle of Write Community

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What a wonderful contest! Thanks for the opportunity. Poetry has been helping me process the human experience since I was young. It has also been instrumental as I've evolved in my writing and musical pursuits.

Here is my entry for the contest: bitshares is lioness33

Kudos to everyone who supports artists and writers on the Steem blockchain!


Thanks for joining the contest @katrina-ariel!

Greetings, @vitkolesnik! Here is my entry:

I've been writing poetry since childhood, as both of my parents loved poetry, and introduced us to a wide variety from an early age. They were also both pianists, and our home was always filled with music, so my brain clicks into that gear very easily.

I had all but stopped writing poetry for many years, when a trip to the Florida Keys in 1997 with friends, and my first encounter with the devastation of the reefs outside the protected areas, made me determined to write about what I had experienced.

I signed up for an online course in writing short nonfiction, figuring that article writing would be how I got my message out, and a funny thing happened . . . my brain said, "Okay, you want to write short nonfiction? I'm switching to lyric poetry mode." ;-)

And write I did - like a madwoman - sometimes five, ten or more poems in a night, and they were actually decent . . . better than anything I had written before. I had found my groove. And I've continued writing poetry regularly ever since, interspersed with songs from time to time, and a whole lot of blog posts and articles as well

Here on Steemit, I write on a lot of different subjects, though for the first couple of months I mostly lurked and got my bearings.

Then @brokemancode started the Thirty Day Haiku Challenge, and being a long time lover of haiku, I jumped in, completed the challenge, and just kept going. Last night I posted my Day 174 haiku.

Thanks for this contest, and good luck to everyone who enters!


Wow! I loved this poem! Speaking My Truth... so much of it was like I'd written it myself. Upvoting your comment as the post is past payout. Keep writing, sister!


Thank you kindly! I think I just might. Too late to stop now. ;-)

Hi @vitkolesnik many thanks for running this initiative :-)

I have been writing poetry and fiction on and off since the age of 14 but became serious about creative writing as a vocation in 2003 when I took a degree in Imaginative writing at university. After an extended period of writers' block, I discovered Steemit. Over the course of the last year writing on this platform, I have both rediscovered my passion and re-learned my craft. I will be eternally grateful to this community for helping me get back to the point where writing every day is just a natural part of my life. The poem I have chosen is a good example of a narrative poem which was inspired by various sources. I hope you enjoy it.

P.s. my BitShares username is the same as on steemit: raj808

Great contest!
Here is my entry: Watercolor Girl

I remembered about the post quite late. About 15 minutes from the deadline. Right: well, then, I'm up for a challenge. Let me write something here.

So basically I write science fiction. I'm a scientist. But also I write fiction.

I often use a trick due to Maugham, regarding minding closely how text sounds.

Appears to be prose, but ... is it?

The wind breaks the waves
and nearer the ground
bends the grass. —
Which also bursts into flames
in the dim starlight,
and the cinders are carried by the wind. —
Like so much snow that is the wrong color.
The grass, however, is fine the next day,
although it had burnt away,
leaving the earth bare and empty.
Meanwhile the wind is there,
every cycle: short day and long night,
and that something else, that odd thing,
which is rather in between. —
And yet it never quite ceases; —
It wears down the faces
of all the large stones
that lay in the valley,
And slowly sharpens things,
like the slopes of the mountains.
This like so much water.
So it's there, everywhere,
as if it were the world sea. —
Which is there, too,
but far in the distance, and undefinable.
Like the taste of food to men who do not eat.
Out there, somewhere out there, yes,
but there where we cannot travel and reach.
(Although it's wholly different,
to start there and later end there.)
The wind, however, is always near.
Meanwhile, the ocean is invisible;
the waves of the ocean are silent.
Rather the wind is visible and loud.
Such is the place where I was born,
— says the Machine.

And three minutes left until the deadline expires.

Hello @vitkolesnik
My pleasure to participate.
Here is my poem:

Dear Amy

A little about me:

I am Nevies, the son of Aphrodite and brother to Eros, Eryx, Peitho ,
The Graces
Phobos , Deimos,
Harmonia , Pothos ,
Anteros , Himeros ,
Hermaphroditus, Rhodos, Priapus, and Aeneas

Well, I'm pretty normal if you check my blog. I love to blog about humour, anecdotes, and mild erotica. The whole Greek gods & goddess stuff is just a persona I like to go by, I blog about my real life in my wall and I mention my family and my real life experiences.

I love the initiative in this contest, kudos to you, Sir.


Sadly saw this post a little late and I am unable to upvote it, however I would still like a chance to enter;

Poetry and I come a very long way and it is ingrained within me, as a deep seated passion, here is one of my more recent pieces as well as a link for your listening pleasure:

I Stand In Hope!

Stature of history are rooted in cultures,
as politicians do their rounds like circling vultures,
feeding from the corpses of fallen dreams,
while decaying flesh dangles, from their talons and wings.

Can they not see the sunsets of the African skies?
Can they not smell the rain as the clouds roll on by?

Are they blinded by illusions of their falsely scripted laws,
of this nation in hope, without probable cause?

People are spoon-fed on their governed demands,
the administrations of morals are raped,
as legislations cut of its hands.

Propaganda’s rolled in syrup,
and served as a buffet,
while ambivalent spectators,
admire the spectacle on display.

Does their distorted views of self-righteous act,
leave much room to keep hope in tact?

Can they not feel the rhythm of this African heart,
over cries of this nation, so torn apart?

I stand here hopeful, in this fields of blood and bone

I stand here hopeful, and I do not stand alone


@breezin you're still within the 7-day window, so your poem is accepted)

Hello to my fellow poets and friends of Poetry,

My name is Lannie Brockstein. I am a poet from Canada.

The following link doth leadeth to my "Trembling Streams" sonnet, which I composed in iambic pentameter and that contains 116 finely patterned words, along with its literary video that I made and which features a demo of myself singing the first nine lines of its lyrics:

Video - Lannie Brockstein - Trembling Streams - 06 - snap photo - 02.png

It has been discouraging that my "Trembling Streams" sonnet, my "Shipwreck'd Desires" sonnet, my "The Populace Invisible" poem, and my "I Hath Read Each Chapter" haiku were each quickly buried in the Steem blockchain; because of that, I stopped posting anymore of my poems at Steemit.

I like th'idea of Steemit being an online community where there are not any moderators, or trolls, and where original content contributed can be financially rewarded, but none of that matters if it is next-to-impossible for your posts to be found, and if there is the same difficulty in finding the posts of poetic others. That be why it is important for whales to form mutually beneficial partnerships with original content contributors, that they may help each other to promote quality posts along with the Steemit platform they are posted on.

Best of luck to all contestants, and thank you to @vitkolesnik as well as Whaleshares Community, The Isle of Write Community, and DBREAD Token for sponsoring this contest.

Mine account name at BitShares is: lanniebrockstein2018

I wrote this one the other day, and it was very hard to put down in words and even harder to post (I got lucky and got a curie vote on it)!

In Rawness I am Drowning

I've been told that my poetry and writing style is interesting and "sounds like drums". I am still working on finding my confidence in my writing and publishing them here. My poetry is always a lot more personal than my rambling posts, crafts, and silly jokes, and I've made a vow recently to start posting more of them. Maybe the blockchain should get to know that side of me instead of just the goofy bits!
The couple posts after that one have been a bit lackluster but I will be putting up a lot more poetry in the days to come. I'm working through some stuff so that usually results in lots of poetry!
Thanks for putting on such an awesome contest. Good luck to everyone!

Other examples of my writing if you might need it:
Soothing of the Soothsayer
In Your Garden

(bitshares is stitchy-bitch)

I am not a good poet but some folks like my work, so there's hope for me, I think. This is suitable poem as good as I can get at the moment; ON THE NEWS TONIGHT.

I hope it finds worth in your eyes. My bitshares account name is oskilo85. Thank you.

Here is a recent original poem..
My bitshares name on openledger is kryptokeeper1. I have just recently started back writing poetry from a long absence. I have been entering all different contests in the last month, just to get feedback. I would appreciate the look at my work. Thanks.

Hi @vitkolesnik,

Thanks for this rare opportunity.

I am @nicewoody69 on the steemit platform and writing is my passion. African stories in particular.

Below is my submission and I just wrote it for this contest.

THE CANDLES - A Poetic Love, Life and Death Story.

My Bitshares name is nicest99

I am only including one poem since you used the singular term "poem" in your post, but if you would like more, I can provide it. Here is my entry:

Words Unspoken

It is a spoken word piece, but it also includes the written version as well. Thank you for doing this contest.


One poem is fine. If someone submits several ones, I usually take the first one anyway.

I'm a bit of a rap artiste as well, hope you're not one of those people who think poetry shouldn't rhyme 😅😅

Killthepad - Camera

Killthepad - Integrity

Killthepad - Peace

Prefer something deeper with lots of metaphors? My favourite (and longest) work here
Memoirs of a demigod

BTS: ulqu3


You're welcome, rhyme isn't required.


With your poems and contents what can someone like me do? I admire your work greatly. All the best.


Your poems are good too, just a few touches, thank you

Am giving it a go. I have upvoted, followed and resteemed your post. Please resteem my works. Thanks.


Please post a link to your poem in the comments. Thanks!


Hello @vitkolesnik, I'm not sure if writing haiku fits the criteria.. I believe it's a form of poetry that should be supported as much as others. In the end it's not about the quantity of words or the complexity of your lexicon.. what's your opinion? All the best :-)

My entry:

I discuss my writing a bit in the post as well!

My bitshares name is fromage10x

Hello, @vitkolesnik,

Nice to "meet" you here on Steemit.

Thank you for presenting this poetry challenge. Here is an original poem that I wrote as my response to your contest:

"An Elegy for Liberty"

Although I have written assorted poetry for most of my life, this is my first elegy.

I welcome you to have a look at more samples of my work. At your convenience, please visit my Library Poetry Shelf:


Thank you, @vitkolesnik, once again for your encouragement and for your time.



Does the poem we submit have to be current? What types of poems do you like?


@moeknows the poem doesn't have to be recent and it's important only that YOU find it a good sample of your talent.

@vitkolesnik ...good to know i cn participate