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Hello writers, today I want to talk about harmony, a contest created by @cateredcontent. With the passing of the years and the launch of Bitcoin a few years ago, the world of blockchain has managed to turn around the world, so that the projects, regulations and modifications that are studied in order to provide what is possible are greater every day best.

Since the launch of the Bitcoin blockchain has had the view from many perspectives, this is a system that although it has great scholars behind it, not everything has been perfect so with the studies it has tried to modify and correct all the problems that these can bring about what was said about Harmony, for many they will ask What is harmony? This is a blockchain project that is fast, secure and works with a sharding technology system.

Now what does this mean? This works with a PoS consensus that seeks to reach billions of people. In an approximate number we talk about 10 billion people.

  • Full Scalability
  • Secure Sharding
  • Fast and Efficient Consensus
  • Adaptive-Threshold PoS
  • Scalable Networking Infrastructure
  • Consistent Cross-Shard Transactions


Harmony Token

The harmony token is called ONE, here you can read a little more about it.

Harmony Team

Harmony has a fairly effective team behind this entire project. Who is formed by highly trained and experienced people.
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More info

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