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On a good day while you were minding your business, this young man looking like someone from the movies approaches you and asks for a relationship. Not too long ago, you broke up with an abusive boyfriend. One who never appreciated you or treated you right and you feel you like falling in love is now an impossibility but then this kind-hearted, beautiful soul sweeps you off your feet. He tells you all the right words, takes you to amazing places you've never been before , spoils you with gifts and never ceases to make you see how beautiful you are and then suddenly you start feeling butterflies in your stomach whenever you hear his voice and you think to yourself, this must be love

Ain't no way you are letting him go. He is an answer to your midnight prayers and yes you deserve him but if you won't have him, then no one else can.
It is sometimes difficult to differentiate between love and obsession. In an obsessive love, there is always an overwhelming desire by the obsessed partner to control or protect the person he or she feels strong attraction for and they are not ready to accept failure or rejection.

This leads them to become manipulative and controlling of the other person as if they were a possession. Sometimes it involves stalking and even in an extreme case, violence. So many reasons maybe responsible for someone developing an Obsessive Love Disorder (OLD)

For centuries, obsessive love has been romanticized in literature and today I seek to bring it back and make us tap into our imaginative mind and create beautiful scenes of obsessive love. Make your character scary, funny, frightening and even self righteous but above all their actions must be unpredictable.
With that said, I welcome you to my first ever contest on steemit. Yeah it's been a long time coming and I'm glad I'm finally doing something about it.

Guess what? It is a 15SBD reward pool contest and all you need is your creativity. Simple right?


1. Upvote this post

2. Reesteem for visibility

3. make a post on your blog writing a short story of not less then 300 words or a poem of not less than 20lines on the theme "love and obesession"

4. Use the tag #loveandobsession as one of your tags so I can easily find your post.

5. Your article must be in English Language

6. Drop a link to your post on the comment section of this post.


* Winners will be chosen from anyone conforming to the rules 1-6 above.

* Originality, literary excellence, substance and meaning will also be considered.






1st Position 5SBD

2nd Position 4SBD

3rd Position. 3SBD

Three random participants will be selected by the three judges for an award of 1SBD each.


DURATION: Lasts till post pay out.

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Hi @zizymena, I love this kind of contest as it relates to my niche. Also, you've got a beautiful write up here.

I'm giving it a shot

Here's my entry https://steemit.com/poetry/@bob-elr/writing-contest-by-zizymena-love-and-obsession

Here's my link to the contest.

Thanks to God. I met up with time

So you want to see her? Ọya open the link immediately. Love is a beautiful thing 🙈🙈🙈


Wawuuu 👍🏾👍🏾
M so in! Lol


That's the spirit. Go gurl!

This is awesome sweety

I think i would love to be a part of this. When is the deadline?


Seven days from now


@bloggersheavens got yor back as always. Ride on zizy as weur ncourafe everyone on our community to participate!

This should be fun

Chaii so finally finally, it is love and obsession.... Oya na... Lemme go an write

Wow literarily creative. I love this!

You have made the right choice of judges gf. I shall give this contest a trial.

Nice one dear.

I am so in . Let me test my story ability

Thanks so much Zizy, you've brought out my poetic skills, here is my entry


I made a post with over 5,000 words, and I only hope my entry is valid because my story is beyond a short story. Here is my entry

Its going to be the bomb!!!!
Nice one dear

Hope am free to freestyle by participating

Great kudos dear

Awesome. I've had the idea for this poem for a while now, and you just gave me the perfect reason to work on it.
I'll be submitting my link tomorrow but for now I've upvoted and resteemed


Break a leg dear😁

I've been a victim of OLS before, I'm off to write my own story. This is awesome!

I just couldn't wait to finish writing on the contest, thanks for putting this up. Here's my entry;

Yay!!!!....It's finally out

My Submission in a jiffy 😄😄


I believe what you can do😉

  ·  3년 전

Nice one here....you never run out of amazing ideas


You never cease to inspire me too

  ·  3년 전

I gat my spirit on this @zizymena.. Am in the contest

Hello! I find your post valuable for the wafrica community! Thanks for the great post! @wafrica is now following you! ALWAYs follow @wafrica and use the wafrica tag!

No fair.. How come there was a contest of this sort and nobody told me?
Lol, I'm joining in anyway!

Hi zizylove

Thanks for this......My first reasonable contest anyways.

This is my entry


He he he i'm here finally here's my entry abeg read am when u dey happy oo no go read am when u face dey red abeg oo


Wow... This is nice I'm so joining this contest.. Nice one @zizymena


Give me work to do darling 😉

Hope it is for both sexes?

Here is my entry
Grand entrance

God bless you @zizymena

Thanks so much @zizymena

M right on it!


Yeah! Show us the stuff you are made of💪

Zizy dear..you have a creative and imaginative mind dear..nice one on this..