Winner Announcement - Final Weekly Steemit Survivor Contest

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Source: CBS

FINAL WEEKLY STEEMIT SURVIVOR WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT: We had a winner for our final week! Newcomer @vida-blanca - you won this week's contest by correctly predicting that Christian would be voted out!!

This closes the Weekly Steemit Survivor Contest for the Season. Many thanks to all for playing and a special thanks to @contestkings for their excellent support!


Davie won the reward this week and interestingly took Kara and Nick to feast with him, although he was focused on getting Nick out. File under "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" I guess. Also, Davie continues to be playing a smart game, searching for and finding an idol after not believing Nick when he claimed to find a second idol.

Shockingly Mike won the immunity challenge, empowering him to seek enough votes to get Christian out. Although there were some fireworks at tribal - both Davie and Nick played immunity idols (although Nick received zero votes, so his idol was wasted) - Mike's mission was successful and Christian was finally voted out making him the seventh member of the jury.

Out of the starting 20 players, we're down to the FINAL 6 - four original Goliaths and two original Davids. Will those final tribal lines come into play for next week's season finale?

So long Christian!! I predict you will go down as one of Survivor's most memorable characters!

Source: CBS

Remaining SIX players:

Back row (l-r): Mike, Alison, Davie

Front row (l-r): Kara, Nick, Angelina


Congrats to newcomer @vida-blanca who won this week's contest by correctly predicting that Christian would be voted out!! Well done! @vida-blanca you will receive the STEEM raised by last week's post.

Congrats to @vida-blanca for winning this week! You join @gabrielatravels, @arslan786, @dfinney, @stever82, @cyrus33, @steven-patrick, @doctorcrypto,, @fronttowardenemy, @suitcasemama and @happyme on the list of Weekly Steemit Survivor Contest winners. Great job!

MOST WINS BY STEEMIT SURVIVOR PARTICIPANTS - @suitcasemama, @dfinney, @gabrielatravels, and @stever82 - you won the most weekly contests, TWICE predicting the correct Survivor to be voted off. As a bonus, you will all split the STEEM raised by this post!

Special thanks to all the Weekly Steemit Survivor Contest participants:@vida-blanca, @rufusfirefly, @sardonic, @robertoueti, @celinavisaez, @rentmoney, @the-witty-waiter, @trisquelwhare, @annycor, @gabrielatravels, @suitcasemama, @fronttowardenemy, @doctorcrypto, @happyme, @steven-patrick, @dfinney, @bidesign,, @lilkeszi, @laxmanmah, @stever82, @o07, @chetnaag, @ahmanik, @cyrus33, @mustang88, @richatvns, @payoutbot, @arslan786, @zappa100, @steeminati, @balticbadger, @darthgexe, @mediawizards, @dbooster, and @pbock - Since next week's episode of Survivor David Vs. Goliath is the finale, this was the final Weekly Survivor Contest! Thank you all so much for participating, enjoy the finale, and...

Be sure to check back in February 2019 for the next Survivor Contests!

Also - an update on the parallel First Steemit Sole Survivor Contest with a 20 STEEM Prize.


@fronttowardenemy: you and Christian dodged bullet after bullet, but he finally went home tonight. You join @steven-patrick, @chamudiliyanage, @suitcasemama, @gabrielatravels, @hiddendragon, @happyme, @norihany, @toddcurry, @the-witty-waiter, and I (@eoj) - all out of the running for the 20 Steem Grand Prize. Tough to go out at the Final Six!

For @o07's Bonus Once of Silver Game: @norihany since you were assigned Christian you join @gabrielatravels, @stever82, @chamudiliyanage, @steven-patrick, @suitcasemama, @aussieninja, @toddcurry, @pbock, @the-witty-waiter, @mimismartypants, @travoved, @hiddendragon, and me (@eoj) on the no-silver-for-you sit out bench.

@gabrielatravels, @hiddendragon, @toddcurry, @chamudiliyanage, @steven-patrick, @suitcasemama, and I (@eoj) are the Steemit Survivor contestants to be eliminated from BOTH the 20 Steem grand prize AND the Silver bonus round! Please take your seat on the jury!


With the Finale next week, the Weekly Steemit Survivor Contest is OFF! We now wait for the winner to see who will win the First Steemit Sole Survivor Contest with a 20 STEEM Prize!

Thanks to all for the great participation this season and see you next season!


I hope you all had as much fun participating as I had running the contest! I'm not sure if it's because we're paying more attention than usual, but @suitcasemama and I agree that this has been a really fun season of Survivor so far and we're both looking forward to the finale next week!

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Thanks for running the show @eoj!!

I totally agree that this has been a great season!!!
It does have to do with paying closer attention due to the contest.

Yay! Thanks for splitting the reward ♥️

Wow! Close one for my chosen player Allison.

I think Nick will go home next week.

So it will be the most tense week for all participaince! Let's cross our fingers! The Best one surviver should win!

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This was a lot of fun time to see if Nick and win me some Steem.

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Awesome contest @eoj I had fun

Goliath Alison

Nooooo! My pick was voted out! So long, Christian. It was probably a smart move to get him out. My silver pick, Mike, is still in it, but I want to see Davie take home the million dollars.

Thanks so much for the contest, @eoj! I had a blast playing. Normally, I don't do much thinking about who will be voted out next. This contest really had me thinking about all of the possibilities, motivations, and strategies. Excellent job running this!

As someone who has never watched survivor at all, just following along with your contest made it quite exciting and I'm now sitting at the edge of my seat waiting to hear who wins. It's funny how we feed off each other emotionally. Good job! Thanks for making it happen.