ContestKings Daily Scorecard 31-Oct-2018

2년 전

Each day Contest Kings will deliver a report listing the achievements of the members of our Guild in the SteemMonsters battles and tournaments. We are very proud of all our members, and this is one way that we can acknowledge their efforts. We also have regular prizes and giveaways within our Guild hall. As we grow, and as the development of the SteemMonsters website progresses, we will add more information to these Daily Scorecards, such as MVP's, prizegivings, and much more.

The information gathered below has been extracted directly from the SteemMonsters API, and was current at the time specified in the scorecard image.

As a new feature of the Daily Scorecard, we will be focusing on one member of our Guild at random and looking at their stats. Currently the raw data in the spreadsheet which these charts are being built on doesn't contain much information yet, but as we progress there will be a wealth of historical information here to show about the player concerned. Our Player Focus for today is on @littlescribe, who was chosen at random from the member list.

My name is @TrisquelWhare, and I'm just the scribe for the Contest Kings Guild. I put together these reports and do other behind-the-scenes administrative stuff. The Contest Kings page is a partnership between three members of the community including @o07 from Australia and @dkid14 & @shoemanchu from the United States.

Pop over to our Discord or add a comment below and we will get back to you. To stay informed about our guild's events and activities, please follow @ContestKings.

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@TrisquelWhare I'm in gold league bro can you double check

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Maybe that was last night now reflecting diamond cheers bro

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Nice to know that I was able to bring you the news before you even knew it! Congratulations on your new League level!

Thank for the call out it was a lot of work to make to that league for me.