7 Days of Giveaways - Day 2 Plant Breeding


This is the second installment of the 7 Days of Giveaways series. Thank you very much to @steemcurator01 and the Steemit Inc. team for motivating the community to stick together!

In order to be eligible for this giveaway you must follow the guidelines from the introductory post. below.

In order to be eligible for the daily prize you must complete the following

  • Write a meaningful comment on the Daily Post.
  • Resteem Daily Post
  • Tweet about the Hashkings daily contest (optional)


  • Write a post about anything Cannabis. This post can be about a smoking experience, your favorite pipe, your favorite strain, a strain you hate or a some advice on how to grow Cannabis. All Cannabis related content is eligible for the bonus as long you you complete the above 2 requirements first! Every bonus entry will receive 2 Seeds, 1 Pollen and 1 Bud. We will also re-steem your post and share it with our cannabis friends @canna-curate.

Male and Female Plants

Just like in real life our Plants come in female or male varieties and both have a unique role. When brought together during breeding they will create new strains. You can also find an in-game tutorial here.

Male Plants

Male Plants may not seem important but without their precious pollen farmers would not be able to grow seeds for free and create new strains. If you are lucky and get a male don't be disappointed because when you harvest you will receive pollen enough pollen to pollinate two female plants.


As previously mentioned, when you harvest a male plant you will receive enough pollen for two female plants. During the budding/flowering stage of a female plant you will be able to pollinate. Just go to your farm and click on pollinate, choose which plot to pollinate, which pollen to use and click submit. Wait about a week and you will receive seeds.

Female Plants

Females can produce seeds when pollinated or buds when left unpollinated. In order to get seeds just use the method described above and pollinate one of your female plants.

Hybrid Seeds

Once you harvest a pollinated plant you will receive two seeds which carry the traits of the mother and father (buds and pollen). These seeds can then be planted on an available plot, saved or sold on the market(coming soon).

Why would you want to make hybridized seeds? One idea I have is to recreate the hybrids currently available in real life. For example, if I want to produce Blue Dream I will want to grow the strains in its lineage first and then crossing them to get the final result. You can find the lineage of cannabis plants by using seedfinder.eu which has a large database of cannabis family trees.

Blue Dream Family Tree - Blueberry x Super Silver Haze

Congratulations! You are now on your way to creating your first hybrid Cannabis strain!

Please join us in the Official Hashkings Discord for up to date information.

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This dream of mine is continuously evolving and Hashkings will become more beautiful as we get art. If you know any artists please send them my way! Thank you so much for your support and enjoy your STEEM Cannabis Grow!

Hashkings is independently funded. If you would like to donate please send to @qwoyn-fund

Read what our farmers have to say here and please don't hesitate to reach out in the comments below!

@vcdragon was kind enough to make a video tutorial for Hashkings. Please check it out on youtube.

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One interesting fact about F1 seeds, (which are the first generation of a cross of two separate strains), Is they have vigorous growth. They call this "hybrid vigor". Yes F1 seeds are unstable, but they have the potential to create a 1 of a kind freak of nature! Happy growing :)

I love the Seedfinder sight. Leafly is cool too, but just to commercialized.

You see how many possibilities you can have when it comes to cannabis! People that make a big deal about how they dont care about names really need to take the stick out of there butts, and see how it is impossible for a certain cannabis strain to not have a name.

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LoL Steemit inc motivating the community. Ya to fork. Oh look harvesting and other functions stuck on my account again for much longer than 48 hours. Many new dapps on hive now.


Oh an my rep is almost over 50 already.