The Daily Convolution 006 - Topic: Are Decentralized Exchanges .. Bullshit!? ..Comment & Upvote All Comments!

5년 전

Etherdeltans Got Reamed! .. Or Did They!?

The actual effectiveness of the hack aside, if what was originally reported was true, that the DNS server was targeted, then regardless of how the 'backend' is handled, the interface is still centralized, and vulnerable. What we need is a solution to locating and being located, in a decentralized universe.

Until we have blockchain-based filesystems and decentralized dns, can we trust so-called decentralized exchanges!?

Or was it DumbassUser error!? ;-)

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woo 6 mildollahman reference!

Seriously though, Decentralized Exchange is a move in the right direction, but none of them are 'there' yet - additional tech needs to be used, to properly secure and speed up.

@proglobyte, Absolutely I cannot trust so-called decentralized exchanges. We have decentralized technology; so we can rebuild this blockchain system before hacked someone.

Well, You pointed out very important aspect of it. @proglobyte 👍

We urgently need solution to this and also something more reliable exchange service with more peer to peer functions with differient cryto-coins.

That is useful infomation to me...
@proglobyte actualy I cant trust it...
Followed U...
Good luck...

I am Buying allot of EOS recently :) and LTC...
Think they are two coins with allot of potencial :)