Daily Drawing Challenge #8

2년 전

Hello Steemians! This time I bring to you this drawing for a challenge.

You don't know how I missed to draw these last days!!! I'm glad for being back.

So, the challenge made by @cookiespooky consists in drawing a flirting person haha

Anddd here's my flirting person !!!

1 001.jpg

That look was inspired in the actor Ian Somerhalder.

Who doesn't want a person flirting with you with a look like that? hahaha

And here's a little of the process...

The materials I used were:

  • Pencil HB, 4B and 6B
  • Recyclable paper
  • Eraser




All the pictures was taking by me with a Sangsum Galaxy Pocket.

Hope u like it and wait for more!!!

See you in a next post :)

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To be honest .. itd have been better if you had done a little bit of more detail. And also the light directions are missing .... I am just telling you this so you can improve more. Happy Drawing


Thanks for the advice! I'll have it in count in my next drawing :D !


okay hope to see more of ur drawings soon


Of course!!! and I hope the same :D