New Slow Cooker with BBQ Ribs and Bonus Pulled Pork (NSFV)

3년 전

After excessive drooling and coveting the food I've seen on Steemit, I decided to buy a slow cooker and see if I could produce something edible.

This is a quickie including a recipe(ish), robbed from inspired by UNDIE'S KITCHEN.

bella unboxing.JPG

I ordered a Bella Multi-Function Cooker. It's a slow cooker and pressure cooker in one. Yay. What's not to love about superfast stews and sloooow meat? It is really easy to use. I looked at the instructions a little bit but they're hardly even necessary coz all you need to know is written by the buttons on the front :D

bbq recipe ingredients.JPG

The first thing I decided to make was BBQ pork ribs. Here are the ingredients but I also added a good slug of shop-bought BBQ Sauce to the mix too.

ribs marinade.JPG

I mixed the ingredients together into a thick paste. Sorry, I don't measure or weigh. Things are done by eye at my age :P

ribs marinade2.JPG

I smushed the marinade/sauce all over the ribs and let them sit around in it for an hour or so before getting the Bella involved.

All I had to do was line the ribs, standing up like soldiers, around the rim of the Bella, stick the lid on and set the timer to 7 hours.

bella cooking.JPG

When the time was up, I took them out, slapped them on the grill pan (or 'broiler' for US people) and brushed some more sauce across. They took a few minutes each side to bubble up and get a bit charred.


The meat literally fell off the bones. They were juicy, full of flavour, and the marrow was totally suckable. They were heavenly, even though I say so myself.

But, I made 3 main mistakes:

  1. I didn't cook enough of them. They all vanished in minutes!
  2. I think they'd have been okay after 5-6 hours slow cooking rather than the 7!
  3. Unfortunately, because of the long cooking time, I completely forgot I was going to write a blog for Steemit and didn't take any 'after' pics. Oops. :P

To compensate for this, here's a picture of the pulled pork I made the next day, slathered on a white bread butty :D

pulled pork.JPG

Needless to say, I'm thrilled with my new Bella and think we're going to be on good terms for a very long time.

Thanks for popping by.

Love, Anj xx

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I was drooling while reading this! :) I love ribs, it's my favorite part and the way you cook it sounds like am gonna love it! So am going to see you on video while cooking anj?!

Miss you xxx


Hiya Dawn. It's been ages hasn't it. Haven't been as active on here lately (except in crochet stuff). I'm getting low on VP but I'll come and visit your blog very soon xxx


:) Take your time Anj! I'm on and off as well. I'm happy to see you doing everything yah love. ^^ xxx


thanks Dawn :)


Welcome Anj xxx