Grandpa Gotta Cook: Name That Meal!

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I'm back for another round in the festival of life that is @foodfightfriday, and this time, I'm going to make things a little mysterious.

What I mean by that is, I'm not going to tell you what I made, but let you guess, based on the pictures and the ingredients. I did the same thing with my son, his wife, and my wife. One got it right, the other two did not.

So, let's dive in and we'll see your guesses in the comments.


Now, first off, let me tell you that this meal is the crockpot version of it, and so, will probably vary from the way it's supposed to be made. However, much of it is the same, certainly enough to guess at it if you're at all familiar with the dish.

The recipe called for three meats—chorizo or some type of spicy sausage, chicken and shrimp. I was supposed to cook up one and a half pounds of chicken and a half pound of chorizo in the same large skillet, but I ended up with one and three quarter pounds of chicken and one pound of chorizo, and didn't have a big enough pan to begin with. So, what you see in the image above is the chorizo.

Now, I'm aware that there are different kinds of chorizo, principally Spanish and Mexican. I couldn't find any Spanish chorizo, so opted for the Mexican variety.


Next up, the chicken, cut up into little chunks and salted and peppered to taste. I don't know about you all, but I don't find chicken to be all that appetizing when cooked this way, but, fortunately, this wasn't going to be it's final form. However, it did answer the question I had a couple of weeks ago as to why ground beef always has to be browned before putting it into the crockpot. Apparently, depending on the circumstances and the recipe, so does chicken and chorizo.


So, now we have the chicken and chorizo together in the crockpot along with the following ingredients:

short-grain rice
diced tomatoes
chopped onion
minced garlic
cayenne pepper
chicken broth
white wine

Now, in my case, I didn't use the cayenne pepper, thanks to the issues surrounding a previous dish, and instead of white wine, I substituted white grape juice. I didn't know how often I would be cooking with white wine, don't drink it, but figured I could probably drink the grape juice if I didn't have another use for it. Everything else went in as is.


Cooking time for this particular dish was supposed to be one and a half to two hours on low. I ended up turning it up to high, because the rice wasn't cooking. In fact, when I served it, some of the rice that sat at the top of the mixture was still a tad crunchy. We ended up leaving it in the crockpot for another twenty minutes or so.

As you can see above, the shrimp was finally added to the mix. The recipe also called for peas, but no one really likes them, so I left them out, too.


And here's the final dish.

Tale Of The Tastebuds

Both my son and daughter-in-law had seconds, so I believe that's the best way of knowing they liked it. My wife said she did, but she insisted I didn't make it right, because I left out some ingredients, like hot dogs. Now, to my understanding, you can have hot dogs instead of chorizo, but she said the hot dogs and chorizo both needed to be there, along with the chicken and the shrimp.

In fact, she was so insistent about the oversight that she told me she would make the dish so she could show me what it's supposed to be like.

Not a literal slap in the face, but a throw down nonetheless. Bring it on, I say! I would love to eat this again.

As it is, I think my version turned out really good. The chorizo really sets the flavor for all the dish. I think the chicken ended up just a little too done, as in a little dry, but other than that, with the rice finally cooked, I think it was very tasty.

Name That Meal!

Okay, it's up to you to see if you can figure out what I cooked. I don't think it will be that difficult. It does resemble at least one other dish, and so I imagine others could be similar to it, too. At any rate, this is supposed to be fun, so go ahead and guess.

All images courtesy of Glen Anthony Albrethsen

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Well damn. I'd say it have to be a jumbalaya. I was torn between that and chili, but the presence of shrimp and chorizo throw a wrench in that. I don't mind though, because if it's a rice dish, I'm eatin. Looks delectable from here, sans hotdog or otherwise.


Hey, @thatkidsblack.

Finally, someone takes a guess!

Jambalaya was the one I was thinking people might guess because the dish is fairly similar, and might actually have similar origins.

Who knows if anyone else is going to guess, so I'll just keep it a secret a little while longer, but I promise to loop back around and comment again with the answer to let you know. :)

The thing about this is, it really needed more rice in it than the recipe called for, and I added another half cup, so I probably really should at least double the recipe's amount the next time, because the meat to rice ratio was off.

I was going to guess a Mexican/Spanish jambalaya also, but I see that is wrong. The cayenne pepper made it sound like it was going to be a chilli of some sort, but open plate serving and not a bowl ruled that out. A Mexican casserole dish then maybe.


Hey, @bashadow.

Thanks for guessing. So, it's not Mexican, even though I used the Mexican style chorizo, but it is Spanish. I'll confirm that. :)

I am not sure what it is but it's call it stir-fried chicken and rice.


Hey, @shaidon.

I guess it could be considered a stir fry of some sort. It's not Asian, though, but Spanish. It's certainly well known in Spain. I'm not sure how well known it is outside of there, or maybe even Europe.

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Hey @glenalbrethsen, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

I have no idea what this dish is called, but it sure does look appetizing. I have also never heard of chorizo, looks like some sort of ground pork.
As far as messing up the meal, at least according to your wife, that is not a bad thing @glenalbrethsen. You should probably mess up a lot more, that way she will want to correct you and make each one over again. To me, that spells a couple of nights off from cooking. 👍


Yeah, no complaints from me, @thebigsweed. If she were able to take over every Saturday, that would be just fine for me. :)

Well, since no one has guessed it, I'll just let you know. It's called Paella, and it is a Spanish dish, particularly Valencia, from what I've read. I first had it in a restaurant in the federal district of Mexico City. I imagine there's still some kind of a Spanish influence in the region, though I was there because that's where my wife's uncle took us all for dinner.

I don't remember much from that instance, though, which makes me wonder what was in it, because what I made definitely needs to be made again, and not wait another 30-ish years. :) We'll see if my wife actually follows through. I think she's probably forgotten by now.

My guess was jambalaya, but I guess I am wrong. Wherever it is, it sure looks good.
Nice job, Gramps. @glenalbrethsen
Enjoy your day.


Hey, @farm-mom.

There definitely is a resemblance to jambalaya. I think its actually spicier, or meant to be spicier, than this is. It's actually paella, a Spanish dish. :)


Oh man I should have guessed that one. A friend of mine from work would always make paella and bring it in around the holidays to share with the crew. Loved it!
Now I am going to make it real soon.
I read about your mom, so tough. Keep your chin up my friend, my prayers and good vibes are coming your way.


Thank you, @farm-mom.

I think if I actually manage to get down there every other week to see both of them, that will help, at least to start. I think there's a conversation or two that need to be held, and probably with my father, because I'm not sure what state my mother's mind is in, and whether it would stay there long enough to get anywhere.

Did your friend's paella have hot dogs in it, by any chance? :) Oh, and saffron, so it comes out yellow.


Oh my friend glen, this is so challenging when you are torn between your parents and your own family, work obligations and just life. I went through this with my own family. All I can say, take care of yourself first, show the love to others and kiss and hug your mom and dad as if it's the last time. So many conversations or just communications will jump right at you. Smile as much as you can my friend. Life is unfolding as it should.
Sending hugs your way!

Not only did you crush it with the step by step (I want to coax my mom into trying this recipe) I was itching to know what this was! Your dish is so hearty, especially as I find myself hungering more and more these days (don’t call me late for lunch) and the pictures do it justice! I combed the comments to find the answer, not sure if you had a big reveal in mind, but I love your take on this recipe! I just wanted to say that. @gamenight, you’re tagged as an extra emphasis, I wanna eat this. Let’s beg mom.


Hey, @thatkidsblack.

Well, I'm not the kind to get in the way of another's hunger! I'm guessing you did see the name in the comments, since I did actually tell a couple of people since it was yesterday (and nope, no big reveal planned). Just in case, it is called Paella, and it's from Valencia, Spain, but pretty much known through out Spain.

Maybe I can help this along by putting the recipe I used here. Your mom, though, might want to try some other recipe, depending on your own tastes. And I would double the amount of rice, at least, and probably cook it either a little longer on low, or try a combination of high and low. If you're not using a crockpot, there are other recipes, I'm sure. :)