Cook with Us #26 - Raw Food - contest on Whaleshares

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Welcome to the Cook with Us challenge! The @cookwithus team - @pandamama and @offoodandart - is happy to host the @cookwithus contest - the theme for CwU week #25 is Raw Food

You, our wonderful contestants, have been giving us the theme suggestions - thank you for that.

Thank you for the wonderful support you have been to our contest and thanks to the sponsors for believing in us. You are all so very special to us.

The Theme:

Raw Food

The Contest Rules


You can read the contest rules here.

The Calendar

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Remember to vote for your fellow contestants as well as comment on each other's posts. This is how we build one another up and ultimately grow to reward even more each week.


Our Sponsors

We are thankful to have @unity, @jepu, @krazykrista, @nutfund, @merej99 and @lexiwitness as our sponsors.

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We would also like to thank everyone else that makes Cook with Us possible and so much fun! You guys are amazing and we love you all! We are grateful to you all.

Thanks to @deimus for our caricatures, to @ruth-girl for our wonderful dividers, to @jznsamuel for his #dailyfoodphotography and the thrill of seeing our contestants win there as well.

Whaleshares is a wonderful platform and we are missing some of our early contestants. If you are in touch with any on discord - please encourage them to come back.

We are so blessed to have amazing sponsors and the rewards have been great - so keep encouraging others to join our community

Name the ingredients in this salad

and in this fruit salad

Easy enough - anyone can guess these - easy as pie !!

This one is a Lebanese salad called Fatushi - Anyone?

Look forward to all your raw food recipes this week as some of us come to the end of summer and for others, summer is still coming !!

Have a wonderful food week - look forward to your entries !!!

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