Cook with Us on a short break - come join us !!

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Thought we'd just sweeten your appetite with this amazing dish from @offoodandart
Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 4.03.38 PM.png
@offoodandart's amazing strawberry-blackberry dessert

This week's Theme on Whaleshares was: coffee
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Thank you @ruth-girl for the wonderful banners/dividers - we LOVE them

We didn't have the same amount of participation we expected - but perhaps this means we were all in need of much-deserved break.

From 11th to 31st of July there is a well-earned break for all of us - Of course, it doesn't mean you have to stop posting - by all means use our tag for your food posts. We are taking note of your suggestions for the new season and look forward to even more suggestions from our wonderful foodie community.

The Contest Rules


You can read the contest rules here.

The Cook with Us Calendar

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We are thankful to have @unity, @jepu, @krazykrista, @nutfund and @derangedvisions as our sponsors.

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Thank you @nutfund for your ongoing support!

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A very big thank you and lots of hugs to @ruth-girl for taking the time to create some amazing dividers for us. We absolutely LOVE them!!!

Thank you to our sponsors @unity, @jepu, @krazykrista, @nutfund and @derangedvisions! Without you none of these would be possible. We are sincerely grateful for your support.

Here are a few of our old participants from the Steemit contest - we would love to see you join us on Whaleshares


We were happy to see some of our Steemit competitors arrived on Whaleshares and we hope to encourage others to join as well. In the meantime we have made some new friends and hope to see this challenge or competition thrive on this new platform.

@celestialcow with a winner

@loveself with a winner

@lizelle apple crumble


Some participants in our contest

Thank you for entering - without you there would be no contest
@anikys3reasure @anri @ayuga @anggreklestari @alphawhale @bemsa @breili @brigeet @beherenow @cryptoyzzy @cherie @creatr @deimus| @emima-mas @elena.hurtado @galberto @ira @jennimorillo @jeemrocker @ksolymosi @karolines @karchady @lizelle @lionsmane @ladyfont @lyubovbar @merej99 @mrchef111 @momogrow @milaoz @rahmi @razeiv @ruth-girl @romeskie @skywaystelios @thekitchenfairy @vheobong @wendyth @ysabel23 @yesslife @zephalexia @nikoleondas

We miss some of you who haven't posted in a while!!

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Enjoy the well deserved break. See you in August!

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