Cook with Us #23 - @docsmith Handcrafted Knife Contest - Feta and Spinach pies in puff pastry

3년 전

This has truly been a busy week for the family with Jack, my brother and Lesley moving into their own home. We also had one of our previous guests move in for the month of September and a friend of mine is arriving on Friday for a 10 day stay.

Since we had registered for the competition, we grabbed some time yesterday morning to make our hors d'oevres for our family lunch.

Mine was the only cooked version as I decided to make some feta and spinach pies which were a great success.

This is a photograph of me enjoying my bite-sized offering

The recipe is quite easy to make and prepare.

First I fried up some spring onion with garlic until tender.

Then I cooked up some baby leaves of spinach and when cooled squeezed in my hand to get rid of any moisture (the enemy to puff pastry)

Oven was heated to 180 degrees centigrade and I lined my pan with tin foil

Place 2 sheets of pastry on pan and grease with some melted butter.

Add feta and spinach with some Himalayan salt and freshly ground pepper and spread on the pastry. Next roll it over and seal edges with some melted butter.

Place in oven for about 30 - 40 minutes and remove from oven when brown on top. Cool and cut into bite sizes.

This was a firm favourite with the family - (even if I say so myself)

eden food.jpg

A very quick and easy snack or start to a lovely meal. Hope you enjoy

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Good luck everyone and thank you @docsmith for your very special donation to our community.

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I love anything with feta and spinach, this looks delicious - crunchy, creamy & salty, perfect to whet the appetite!


Thanks @lizelle - they really are delicious - and so easy to make

This is making me hungry and I just had dinner!!


Thanks @rynow - they were really the favourite - so delicious and easy to prepare

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Spinach... feta cheese and puff pastry? One of the best combinations!

I love puff pastry and one day I told my husband I will conquer my fear and make it homemade.


It really wasn't difficult @goldendawne - a first time for me. Do it, you will love the results

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Nice! All the luck in the contest!


Thanks @docsmith - amazing prize you have offered - took us up another level

Feta and spinach in phyllo dough is a lovely treat. It's quick to make but so satisfying as well. Love the texture and crunch of the delicate pastry.

Thanks for you entry @edenmichelle and congratulations on making it to Round 2!


Thank you so much @offoodandart - really chuffed to have made it into Round 2

I like how simple this hors d'oeuvres is to make but it has a lot of flavor. It really makes a big impression without too much work. I also like the different textures from the crisp pastry and the soft spinach. The briny cheese really makes this so savory too. Great entry and congratulations for advancing to round 2!


Thank you @chefsteve - yes it was simple to make and very tasty. Definitely one I will be repeating soon