Cook with Us #10: My flowery cupcakes

3년 전

The trees are no longer clothed in their green leaves. Everywhere I walk my shoes feel wet and slippery. In the distance a tangy smell of rotting grass arise. Autumn is gone. Winter is here. It’s been cold and miserable for a few weeks now. The few rays of sunshine haven’t really help to boost my energy level up. Every morning I wake up and mechanically get on with doing my daily chores. Winter has got this effect on people of turning them into robot. 

Unlike the norther hemisphere we are not so fortunate as to have snow. Otherwise it would have really made for some interesting morning. You must wonder what wintery weathers and cupcakes decoration have in common. Well nothing. Only maybe for an afternoon it allowed me to create my own little summery world. A world where we would have endless fields of flowers in all colours and scents. A world where it hardly ever rain and where the grass are long and green and the flowers colourful and vibrant. With this in mind I decided on a flowery scene for my cupcakes. I had a few Russian tips in hand that should do the trick. 

Until the last minute I was in two mind. I haven’t done any cupcake piping for a little while. On the other hand I had this whole far west story in mind. During the week, I’ve watched a few tutorial on how to make cactus, Tumbleweed and Saguaro. But at the last minute I ruled against making them. I know I’ve been doing this for some time now but I was truly unsure on whether I had to provide the recipe for my cupcake or concentrate on the decorating part of the challenge. I’ve opted for the second option; i.e. show how I’ve decorated my cupcake.  

This means that I've reused my fluffy banana cupcakes for this week's contest.

Decorating steps 

Get your tips in order and ready to roll.

Whatever you do, don't forget your colouring.

Mix the shortening with sugar and few spoons of water for consistency.

Add colouring to the shortening and divide in bowls.

To create multi-colour effect add various shortening colours on a plastic wrap. Roll it and add it to your piping bag.

If you're as rusty as I was, try your skills first before piping the cupcakes.

Once you're happy with the consistency, then get the cupcakes out and your piping bags.

Apply a layer of butter cream on the cupcakes first.

And then start piping starting from the centre going around until you move back to the edges.

I hope you enjoy it!

Bon appétit!

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So prety, my friend

I have the Russian nozzles but i have yet to try them. I do like wasting money and not use the goodies 😅

Good luck, i hope you win💓


Hahahaha I’m the same but every now and again I remember having them and try to do something with them. Thank you for your kind words. You should join the contest maybe this will give you a reason to use all the goodies you’ve got locked away in some drawers.


Im staying away from contests 😁

On my first months, i joined about 3 of them, so 3 different goodies weekly, that was crazy says my brain and my pocket 🤣

Your cups are amazing 🌹

WOW. WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!! I have no other words! They belong in a pastry window!


Oh thank you for your kind words. We missed you this week in the contest.


Am sorry I missed this week. Ahh so in awe of your piping skills! Your snaps are looking stunning too!

Looks so yummy and beautiful!


Omg it's beautiful! How long hav you been doing this? Seriously amazing !!


Hi thank you for your kind comments. I haven’t done anything like that in the last 12 months or so this why I said I was a little rusty.


But still turn out like you have been making it everyday!


That was truly my second attempt!!


That just makes your creation so much more greater!!

This week I have been blown away by the artistry of the entries @foodforsoul. All I can say is WOW - glad to see the teamaustralia tag - hope it brings in some more contestants from Australia

Way too beautiful to eat!


Thank you. We gave it away as a present to a family friend celebrating her birthday on Sunday.

So this is the way to bring in summer during the winter months! Great idea. I have some baking tips that I could put to use (not anywhere near the amount your have though =D). I have two flower ones that I haven't even unwrapped! Are they as easy to use as they claim they are?

Love your work! The flowers and colors are beautiful. I love the way you composed the bouquets atop the cakes. They look great, tight and with the right touch of leaves here and there. You definitely have an eye and the skill for it.

Lovely summer garden, complete with the perfect flowers. Thanks for your entry and thanks for the tips!


Thank you for your nice comments. I think that once you’ve tried your hands at the tips a few time it’s pretty easy to work with them especially if you use shortening a as it is very maniable and you can adjust the consistency if it is too runny or is not holding firm. Thus why I tried the different shapes a few times before actually applying them on the cupcakes. It gave me the opportunity to practice and to adjust the consistency of the shortenings.


Thanks for the tips! Yes, I should start with those tips instead of going to the usual ones. And I'll practice so that I can be more comfortable with it and also so I know the right consistency. Thanks for your encouragement!

Oh my word @foodforsoul, your summer garden looks absolutely beautiful, love all the colours of your flowers, truly stunning! Looks like you had great fun, good luck :)

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That is next level amazing. I don't eat sugar much but appreciate the work that went into this awesome art!!


Oh thank you. I thought I’ve left a comment earlier but apparently not. It’s been one of those weeks. You should join this contest too. It’s great and you get to meet some great people.


I couldn't compete with something this gorgeous.. my recipes are largely intuitive experiments!

Hi @foodforsoul! You have made such an amazing entry this week! It is summer on a cupcake.

I liked your opening remarks and I share your sentiment. Although for me, living just outside NYC, we are welcoming summer after a cold and snowy winter and spring. I really enjoy the changing of the seasons and I enjoy living in an area that has four distinct seasons. I usually welcome the new season and then get tired of it after a while! Except for spring and fall which I wish would last forever. Summer here gets a bit too hot after a while and winter a bit too cold! But, it is so true that doing something like making summery cupcakes can make a cold winter day seem so far away.

You seemed well armed for this week's challenge with an impressive selection of piping tips and food colors. I appreciate how you showed how to make multi-colored flowers and how you showed the method for decorating the cakes from the middle to the edge. Also, it was great to show that you practiced before doing the final decoration. That is so important because we all need a warm up session, no matter how skilled we are!

Thanks for your entry and good luck this week!


Oh thank you for your kind comments. We do have 4 seasons here in Melbourne but no snow unless we go to the mountain. But we were lucky to spent Christmas in Poland last year and had a fair bit of snow during that time. My husband particularly enjoyed it as he has never seen snow for real.

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