Cook with Us #10: My simple brownie in a cup

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Hello everyone, I hope you all had a fantastic week cooking and trying new dishes as I have been. The @cookwithus contest is becoming more and more challenging. At least for me. Apart from reheating food or preparing my oats in the morning I’ve never ever cooked anything in the microwave. I supposed I’ve been influenced by all the negative advertising that electro magnetic waves have been having over time. Since discovering the @cookwithus contest in week#2, I’ve participated in all the contests. But this week was the first one I’ve thought long and hard whether to post an entry. Sometimes it is just hard to challenge oneself when one is not prepared to go beyond one’s biases.

A quick look at the other entries made me think that I couldn’t give up so easily considering the time and effort that most participants would have put in showcasing their respective dishes. I first thought of making a quick and simple curried egg. However this would have only covered the egg portion of the challenge as it didn’t involved using a microwave. I look around for another recipe and came across this brownie in a cup recipe. I was very excited to try it but I just needed to have some time to myself to do so. The weekend has been yet another hectic and busy one. As promised to my family I’ve made the Mexican Fiesta chicken wings again. And it was another great success and this time little bit hotter (more cayenne pepper helped with that!). I’ve also make another Paris-Brest but this time as small choux.

Today is Mother’s Day in Australia. With all the left overs from Saturday night I didn’t on cooking at all. But then my husband reminded me of the contest and here I am busy preparing the Brownie in a cup microwave challenge. The good thing about this particular challenge is that it only took me 10 minutes to everything ready and going. So without further ado I present to you my simple Brownie in a cup recipe.


  • 40g unsalted butter
  • 2 tbs cacao powder
  • 60ml maple syrup
  • 2 tbs milk
  • 1 egg
  • 40g almond meal
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract


  1. Place the butter, cacao, maple syrup and milk in a medium jug. Place in microwave on high for 30 seconds.

  2. Remove the jug from microwave and using a fork, whisk the mixture until it becomes smooth. Break the egg into the jug and add the almond meal and vanilla. Whisk again until it is all well combined. Divide the mixture into small microwave-safe ramekins.

  3. Place the ramekins in the microwave on high for one and a half minutes or until the puddings are set around the edges.

  4. Carefully remove the brownie from the microwave. Serve warm with a home made whipped cream with vanilla essence.

I hope you enjoy it!

Bon appétit!

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I might actually make this right now, looks great!


Thank you. It is really easy indeed.

Thankyou for sharring it looks awesome have a Beutiful day

I love this! Talk about instant gratification! Why cook brownies in the oven for an hour when you can have this amazing treat in 90 seconds! I'm glad that you were challenged by this week's theme. When we get outside our comfort zones we really learn and grow. The microwave is a great tool and there is so much we can do with it. That is great that you made the wings again! That is such a great dish too!


Thank you. I supposed when you’ve been using a device like the microwave in a specific way for so long it is hard to find other utilities to it. In that way I wholeheartedly like the challenging aspect of the contest. Moreover based on the time you leave it in the microwave it is either a gooey fondant or a brownie!

These sound wonderful. My brother used to make something similar and add his protein powder to it. Will give it a try sometime. Great shots


Thank you. Oh that’s a great way to get the protein rushing quickly through the veins lol.

Thank you for taking the time to share an entry with us this week. I agree, it's quite a challenge but am so happy to see your entry as well as the those of the other contestants. Life is busy so I truly appreciate that you put in the effort and was successful at it.

The close-up photo shows how delicious your brownies turned out. Who would've known these brownies were made in the microwave?!? The rest of the photos look wonderful as well, thank you!

Glad to hear your chicken wings were a success once again. Not suprised really but it's always great to hear good news!

Looking forward to your CwU #11 entry.

Btw, come join us on Discord when you get a chance. Instructions are on this post and will also be posted on the upcoming winners post.


It certainly was a personal challenge within this challenge. And week#11 is looking as challenging at the very least time consuming. The absence of posts so far makes me think that everyone is busy preparing their cupcakes design and putting some time aside to roll it out.


I certainly hope you’re right that the absence of posts means everyone’s working on their entry. Looking forward to yours!

They look so decadent, somewhere between a brownie and a choccie fondant- definitely pencilling this one in the book! Your snaps are looking incredible too! LOVE the reflections in the black plate and those pouring shots are just stunning!


Thank you. It was really hard to come up with something this week to be honest. But I did enjoy the photo opportunities that was provided to me. Sometimes the dish just help the settings process. I’ve been playing with the lights a little more and try to get the natural light which is harder and harder now with winter coming in.


Happy you did it! They look fabulous! I'm also chasing light with the change of seasons, trying to find a room where the light streams in diffused works best. I shoot in my dining room next to a bright window for key light and with an adjacent door open to act as a fill light, but with the changing light am moving over to my bedroom later in the afternoons. Ultimately no one will know if the best light is in your bedroom or lounge- it helps to invest in large bits of wood you can move around. Also a piece of white paper to act as a reflector works a charm if you don't want to lug a huge setup around. Your styling is amazing btw! So naturally composed!


I’m actually using a muslin paper for the backdrop. It kind of allow the natural light to be slightly implify on certain areas of the plated dish. But is quite hard to hold this paper steady and not tear it apart lol. But slowly but surely I’m trying to get my head around the importance of lighting direct or diffused and it’s impact on the quality of the pics. I’m also trying to focus on my writing style. Might not be apparent in this particular post but have put up a new one with a storyline that fit the dish!


The quality certainly shows! I've learned clothing pegs and sticky tape help a lot to hold up diffusers and props etc. I generally put an open book on either side of the shots when I'm in a small space and stretch a piece of paper between them, using pegs to pin it to the hard cover of the books. What they don't see won't hurt them! Your writing style is lovely, great reading about family events and how you test things before you present them, it's natural and easy to read. Look forward to reading your new post to see what you've been up to!

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