Cook with Us #23 - Courgettes with feta cheese and sundried tomato

2년 전

I said I would enter this week - so here is my entry - in time I hope.


I've started a brand new job, just found a beautiful house in the mountains of Cyprus and moved over the weekend - so the family put together a plate of hor d'oevres

My contribution was cooked courgettes (I believe this can be done with raw courgettes as well). I sprinkled lemon juice and then added little blocks of feta cheese and some sun-dried tomato.

My marrow looked good amongst all the other bite sized starters

With moving house I believe holding my treat was a good way to showcase. Once the house is all together I will do a blog showing you our little piece of paradise

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Congratulations on your new job and finding a new house. That is one delicious bite. The zucchini is the perfect vessel for the salty feta and sweet sun dried tomatoes.


Thank you @loveself - I missed seeing an entry from you

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This was a truly good combination @lesbento - looked and tasted delicious

Was very tasty sis

Great idea to use the courgettes for the base of your hors d'oeuvres! The addition of feta and tomatoes really makes this the perfect summertime bite!

Congrats on the new home in the mountains and the new job. Very exciting! Good luck with both!

Congratulations on the new house!

A simple yet delicious and healthy appetizer. Thanks for your entry and sorry for the delay in commenting!

Have fun making the new house your home!

Oh, and congrats on the nes job! Pretty exciting!