Little whirlwind | [Qingliang Village] Splashing Water Carnival!

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Small whirlwind Qingliang Village Splashing Carnival! Traditional batik, touch the egg, dance, dance, and enjoy a day trip!

Little whirlwind patrols

2018 children's world parent-child characteristic route--Children's small whirlwind "Qingliangzhai" mountain tour, blue sky and white clouds, green mountains and clear water, natural and natural environment, splashing water, watching large folk songs and dances, joy Don't want to go home~~

The king told me to come to the mountain

Jia Nailiang; Jia Yunxin - Dawang told me to come to the mountain


8:20 The May Fourth Road is the main entrance of the province.

Qingliang Village

10:00 to reach the destination--Qingliang Village, Zhuang Nei Lin Ya Cui, the air is fresh, really can be described as "natural oxygen bar &";

Qingliangzhai located 50 kilometers from the urban area of ​​Fuzhou Minhou Baisha County Town, a beautiful, local materials with bamboo building housing construction features, the cottage gathered in a number of minority Dai, Wa, Zhuang, Miao, Hani, Buyi, different customs distinctive folk performing arts.

Strolling [Yuyou Valley]

Children's small whirlwinds wandered in the [Yuyou Valley], along the creek, and in the secluded valley, the crisp bird sounds, the sound of the mountain springs, the day's journey accompanied by pleasure The mood begins! The exciting event started!

Activity 1: Touching Eggs (Zhuang)

In Qingliang Village, the little whirlwinds and mom and dad will play with the eggs together! After dyeing the eggs into five colors, the little whirlwinds are looking for moms and dads in the crowd. If they are not fathers and mothers, the eggs are tightly held and not touched. After finding Mom and Dad, the double eggs collide and the eggs are eaten together and the eggs are eaten, leaving a good memory!

Note: This activity originates from Zhuang, one boiled egg per person, draws a pattern on the egg with a colorful marker, and writes a greeting. Unlimited creativity, use your imagination to create ~

Event 2: Paiga (Tibetan)

Pajia, also known as the elephant tug-of-war, was born on the basis of Tibet's special natural environment and unique ethnic customs, and was passed down from generation to generation in a unique form, and was deeply loved by the Tibetan people. This event is not just for competitions! Each group will be selected as the patriarch of each group by taking the whirlwind of strength No.1! The last patriarch represents the team to play the final PK and win the corresponding points!

Event 3:

Splashing Waters • Touching Ni (Black and Xibo)

Have fun with minority friends~ drums, snoring, splashing water, cheers, screams~ a lively scene, hot summer days, cool moments you can't miss~~

Note: (1) The Songkran Festival is a traditional festival of the Dai and Southeast Asia. The middle of April in the Gregorian calendar is the New Year of the Dai. On that day, everyone splashed with pure water and prayed for the disappointment of the past year.

Activity 4:

Buyyi ● Fengxiang Dye (traditional batik)

This time is a test of everyone's hands-on ability. Mom and Dad can get a beautiful handkerchief and watch the little whirlwinds.

This allows us to experience a dyeing and weaving process of ethnic minorities - Fengxiang Dye, which is unique in color, elegant in appearance, has a simple ethnic style and artistic value, and was named as a national non-material by the Ministry of Culture in 2008. Cultural heritage.

The little whirlwinds use their imagination to write, dye, rinse, and dry their hands~ A unique handkerchief is born!

Activity 5: Manual DIY Light Cake

Onion cake DIY still uses the traditional craftsmanship. The traditional oven made of large water tank is baked with smokeless charcoal. The aroma is more sturdy, crisper and not dry. Experience it on the spot.

Qingliang Village specialties

12:00 Taste green and healthy diet dishes. The restaurant in Qingliang Village is built from bamboo, fresh and cool, and the dishes on the table are all green and healthy food produced by the cottage.

Cottage regulations: How much should each guest eat, how much, and not waste food~

Large Folk Songs and Dances

Free time after lunch! At 13:30, gather the Qingzhai Song and Dance venue on time!

There is a group of simple and lovely ethnic friends in Qingliang Village, who play different national styles, spread the dances and music of the nation, and bring tourists different cultural experiences and joys.

The show's main programs include: Hula dance, grass skirt harvest, Auntie people singing new songs, African dreams, fire dance (spitfire), earth dance, pull wood drum, unity dance, Ma Shiqi (India) , Gui Lin Guan, Zhu Xi Dance, Arabian Night ( India), who I am (hunter), the Fengwei people in the moonlight, singing Yangko (the content of the program will be adjusted according to the actual situation on the spot).

Bamboo Dance

14:30 Little whirlwind and carnival with minority friends~ Drums, snoring, cheers, screams~ A lively scene, jump together~~

16:00 End the day's activities, take a group photo, and return.

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