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The times we find ourselves in demand the utmost from us, they demand answers in terms of our stance and our attitude, in terms of our behavior and outlook. Where the mind can become overly involved and overwhelmed our inner sense may guide us through this tornado of upheaval on the world stage.

But maybe due to our conditioning or due to our habits - we often try to face these emerging challenges on our own. The situation has even deepened this leaning to making things happen ourselves and to not rely on our tribal bonds, because isolation is the theme of this year and isolation attempts to break apart strong tribal bonds that exist for a reason: Because tribal bonds are powerful!


Individual qualities, strengths and competencies can only flourish if they are combined, if they can add to one another. Tribes have immense willpower and arrays of capabilities because every single member on some level recognizes that this mixing and adding of individual qualities results in a massive surplus of ability to deal with challenge and obstruction.

And so, now that sanctions on humanity are lifted to a degree and life can at least start to inch back a bit to the way we all knew before this whole madness started - it is our chance to make up with friends and partners, with colleagues and kindred spirits to share what we learned and to forge a plan going forward.

How can we use our gifts and abilities in a complementary way? How do we maneuver the challenges ahead? What skills, what wisdom can each of us share with our fellow tribe that could enable them to make better decisions and be better prepared for a potential second downleg in the insane world stage saga unfolding around us?

I hope I am wrong but I do not see things going back to the way they were. Too many great interests of unknown origin seem way too invested in the agenda to let it go back to zero. I feel a certain sense of "pause" is given these months to allow people a short breather before things start rolling downhill again. Even if I am wrong and we have seen the worst (effects) of this whole drama already, we have to make use of our gifts and connections on the Earthly plane now. We have to find the ones who are willing to forge alliances with us in our tribe, the ones we can most clearly communicate with and make things happen. None of us can walk this path alone.

If you have felt the drive to go meet with people, or to make new friendships it seems now is the best time for it. If not in your neighborhood, then in another neighborhood. If not in real life than digital.

Onboard people to Hive now, start that youtube channel now or the podcast you have been wanting to get going on. Forge a tribe if none exists that you feel at home with.

Make your connections count now and realize that cooperation trumps any kind of competition, always and ever. It really is up to every single individual out there. There's no better time than now.


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not sure if you saw but steembasicincome had replied to that other post mentioning as a remaining curation tool option for Steem, in case James' delegation is still to be used to support the people in the wider tribe still using Steem in an automated fashion.

Much love <3


There's only 3-5 people who stuck with Steem for the extra rewards, and though I've looked around a good bit, there's little to no other content on this CCP site except spam & Justin Sun Ass Kissing. Manual voting is fine for the moment, and lets me have some control over the steem trending :-)