Use lemon to avoid corona, virus will not touch you

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Corona outbreaks are spreading rapidly around the world. The central government is making every effort to stop it. With this, schools and malls have been closed in all the states of the country. People are worried about Corona. There is an uproar among the people about what to do and what not to do to avoid Corona. So we are going to tell you that there is no need to panic with corona virus anymore. If you do not have soap or sanitizer to wash hands, then this dreaded corona virus cannot be touched. You just have to keep lemons at home. Darsal lemons have great power to fight the virus.

Lemon is the safest -

If you use lemon to wash your hands, the virus will stay away from you. Lemons have been used for washing hands in India since long. Elder elders used to clean hands with lemon in the house before meals or even after defecation. Experts also believe that pesticides are found in lemons.


Scientists also believe that lemon is the best-

According to a research, lemon is very effective in killing bacteria. Scientists say that if you do not get sanitizer or soap during any infection, then washing your hands with lemon juice can prevent diseases.


This is how to clean lemon hands-

To clean hands, first squeeze lemon juice on the palm. Rub the juice well in both hands. After this, wash both the hands thoroughly in running clean water. Dry hands with a clean cloth.

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assuming you mean well ... ( )

i can't find any scientifix on a trusted site that says lemons kill corona but there certainly seems to be something to it when it comes to hygiene

it won't save you from corona, washing your hands is just ONE necessity

alas i don't have time to sail the internet for every article on it

hygiene is definitely important , every time you went out you should indeed at the very least wash your hands. If you play extreme switch clothes every single time too, wash them.
stuff like this is easy to mis-understand but i get the giste ... i hope no one comes around downvoting your good intentions

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