English believe their gov's advice that wearing masks doesn't stop Corona from spreading, but apparently don't believe 5G towers have nothing to do with the pandemic

4개월 전
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its about damage mitigation and percentages on a global scale

wearing masks en masse will certainly reduce mortality rate

dont be a fucking daft english prick

if you got one and its clean

see in nurseries here they would like

all supplies that come in get 3 days of quarantine

tout court

i say seven

they say 3 b/c 3 is proven (by statistics)

i say double that

they say no time


if your mask has been in a locker away from contact for more than 3 days , even the WHO would declare it "potentially dirty but safe from covid"

correct me if im wrong

i been slapping the spanish inquisition since salems lot

is that why you ruined my life ?

i will not be grateful


i will never blame the dog, even if its not a cat its not a human, its innocence is proven by default

unlass its a dawg, rite ?