"Call when you're on deathbed". Will the "quarantine" take more lives than corona?

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I've been thoroughly keeping up to social distancing and avoiding public places. On my return from Mauritius, I spent 2 weeks at home with my husband in order not to harm anyone. Nevertheless, I've been recently stabbed in the back.

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In March, I was going to have my 2 myomas removed. They don't threaten my life but prevent me from getting pregnant, and if no measures are taken, I risk never having a kid of my own. First, they called me from my state clinic and canceled my pre-operation visit, moving it as far as 28 May. Then I turned to a paid clinic in Tartu and had to discuss the payment procedures with my insurance company. While I was waiting for their reply, I've got this "wonderful" news...

On 27 of March the Estonian Department of Health suspended routine treatment outside the public network of hospitals. Private medical facilities and dental clinics will continue to offer only emergency care. What does that mean? Thousands of canceled/delayed operations, diagnostic procedures, and tests. It means that someone's cancer won't be timely diagnosed.

It means that someone may commit suicide because of the unbearable toothache. It means that unwanted children will be born to later find themselves in the orphanage (everyone knows that the new Great Depression is near). And Estonia isn't affected by the virus that heavily thanks to the low population density.

As the closure (or rather reduction of working hours) of public hospitals may be somehow justified, stripping people of their last resort - paid medicine - is a crime. We only can imagine how many people will die or have grave health issues having not got the relevant medical aid.

I could have traveled back to Russia and be operated there if the borders had not been closed. And what if they introduce the same draconian measures against the non-corona patients?.. Knowing the "humanity" and "responsibility" of the nowadays Russian state, you could expect that.

I need to "thank" the head of Department of Health, Merike Yurilo. She belongs to the ruling class that will get medical aid of the highest quality 24/7, and personally, she has nothing to worry about. She obviously doesn't give a fuck about our stomach ulcers, cystitis, and damaged teeth which won't wait until the end of epidemics. But as a bureaucrat, she obviously needed to demonstrate the "fight against corona". And taking into account that some bars, night clubs, and beauty salons in Estonia had been working until March 27, I have only one word for this lady: SHAME!

P.S. I don't mind extreme measures to counter the epidemics if the state is able to build hospitals from scratch in days (as we saw it in China which has stopped the virus spread inside the country) and/or somehow compensate the citizens for their material loss.

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