Corona cases per 100k inhabitants paints different picture

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Who knows how right these numbers are, right? It won't be the only situation where a country suppresses the corona numbers. I don't know if Iceland did mass testing... Or what the real numbers in the US are (because of lack of testing). But these are the numbers we will have to work with...

Looking at corona cases per 100k inhabitants, you'd wonder why France started a lockdown and people in Iceland, Switzerland and Norway are still moving around? What have been the criteria for a full lockdown? And what is this threshold to "act now" to flatten the curve?

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flattening the curve from what i understood (and it makes a lot of sense if you live in a country where president said "number of respirators is a national secret") is to not have a great number of people needing respirators. because from stats thrown around (can't remember the number, take it as false) 5-10% of infected will need them to stay alive. if you have a lot of sick in short period of time, doctors will have to pick and choose who will get to live. and it is a shitty thing to make doctors do. so maybe it is better to lock it down, suffer in the economy and not make doctors fucked up for life because they had to say you get a respirator and you do not.



So much this meme, lol!


it is funny, but it is true :D


fully agree :)

I think it is already too late, even for countries like Australia and the US :)


we're doomed!!