I learned something new today (which i couldn't have if not for what the town province country world is currently going through).


Agoraphobia is a disorder which one fears and avoids places or situations that might cause panic and make one feel trapped, helpless or embarrassed.

The article i read further said that the fear can be so overwhelming that one may feel unable to leave home.

The situation we are in right now requires one to just stay home to curb the spread of the virus. With that said, IMHO, if we somehow develop agoraphobia, that kind of "disorder" to momentarily influence our thinking, then being quarantined is not that difficult after all. Although we do not wish that disorder to happen to us, but the mindset that something bad might happen if we do go out might be a blessing.

Being home quarantined is a temporary thing anyway. So while settled in our homes, we could just take this opportunity to get things done. Like have a closet clean-up, or your room, or your whole house. Rearrange, decorate, DIY, whatever. We can also finally have time to finish that book we so wanted to read. Or that K-drama we always wanted to watch (CLOY fans, anyone? 😜) There is Netflix too, with tons of films to watch. Or we can finally learn to dance or sing or play an instrument. Get fit, exercise, eat and sleep.

Plus, we have the internet... Time passes by so quickly.

And there is steemit, where yeah I finally found the "time" to post. 👍


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Also special thanks for the support our master @iyanpol12, to @hr1, @bobbylee, @good-karma.




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Onga! Mas maraming time tayo ngayon para gawin yan.. 😂


Tama po. Maraming maraming time. 😂