Was the Corona Virus born in Wuhan? Or was it born much before?

3년 전


Here are some insights on this Virus:

1. The Virus Outbreak is actually a fight between Negativity & Positivity. Currently Negativity is winning because we are feeding it more. Whatever you feed grows.The virus has spread in our minds & hearts. Fear?

2. This virus is testing both our individual & collective identities. But did we really have a collective identity or was it just a collection of individual identities? Are we united?

3. Are we self sufficient, do we need so many other things to run our life, have our desires become our needs? Greed?

4. Can we put others ahead of us? When we dont the virus grows (breaking quarantine/lockdown)

5. Social distancing - can we stay with ourselves when we dont the virus grows. It is forcing us to go within & reflect.

6. Are we altering the balance of nature?

Probably it has grownup with mankind.

To me the virus is just a metaphor. We are unable to find an antidote for the virus because we have never spent time in developing one we were so busy feeding it all these years.

The virus represents the state of humanity today nothing more nothing less.

Only we can break the chain, it has to start from within.

Be kind

Be safe

Behave humane

Behave responsibly

Stay positive

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