Niqab Banned While Masks Mandatory in France & Quebec

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In 2017 after rising tensions with mass muslim immigration, Quebec passed a bill to ban face coverings for anyone giving or receiving public services. Although there have been multiple attempts to "suspend" the bill, it has been brought back into law in 2019 under other names. In France and other European countries it is also illegal to wear a face covering in public or while giving or reciving public services.


However, as of July 2020 face coverings are mandatory in all indoor public places in Quebec as well as some European countries, most notably, in France. According to the government of Quebec's website, as is becoming standard worldwide, certain people or conditions are exempt from these pseudo laws such as medical conditions or children under 12; however, they recommend it for children over 2 years old.

It's bad enough we're psychologically scarring our children with a CIA-derived psychological weapon called social isolation, and risking a generation of psychopaths, but now we're depriving their brains of oxygen? Morons these days are so deprived of oxygen, all it would take would be for deep-state puppet Trump to say oxygen is good for you, and half the world would stop breathing.

Above: State-approved hairstyles for men in North Korea
Below: Saudi women wear cloak and headcovering by law and niqab by custom


How is government dictating how you dress any different than the mandatory dress codes in North Korea or muslim countries like Saudi Arabia?!

The way that so-called "experts" or media-inflated, SJW nobodies give advice on how to wear a mask in ridiculuous situations like working out, doing yoga or going for a sauna, and just as a general, everyday life is eerily similar to how muslim women tell others learning to wear the niqab that "if you really want to wear the niqab for the sake of allah, you will find a way to make it happen". On second thought, you'd better skip yoga and the sauna, it's "downright dangerous", and besides, if you're really trying to stop the coronavirus, you'll find a way to give up your culture and lifestyle for safety.


In a recent video titled Mask Wearers are Collaborators Who Could Destroy All of Us, best-selling author and medical doctor, Vernon Coleman explains why you probably don't need to wear a mask for physical reasons, and why you shouldn't wear one for psychological reasons. People who laugh at this title should watch more of his videos (visit and other alternative media for videos censored off YouTube), because they evidently have very limited knowledge of disease spread and of what this planndemic is really about: the psychological phenomena playing out over and over again in history.


"Maybe my skepticism about anything coming out of Cambridge university [...] has been heightened since the university accepted $210 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Everywhere you look, the Gates foundation has left its dirty fingerprints. The bottom line is that I'm convinced there is no sound medical reason to wear a mask. Masks are bad for us physically, and they're bad for us mentally. If you look at the risk-benefit ratio, then the risks are far greater than the benefits. The only reason for our being forced to wear masks is to oppress us, to frighten us, and to turn us into pathetic slaves of the beast. If you wear a mask, then they own your body, your mind, and your soul; that's it, game over!" -Dr. Vernon Coleman


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Uh oh, looks like somebody is trying to be promiscuous, or an individual. She'll be lucky if she gets away with only a public beating!

Virtue signallers at home like...

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Let me squirt some antibacterial hand sanitizer on my hands so we don't transmit COVID by webcam!