Who funds the W.H.O?

4개월 전

Expose Bill Gates is becoming a popular meme and hashtag taking off this summer 2020. You could be one of the most educated people in the world on the subject with just a couple hours of watching and/or reading. If you're itching for some infotainment, pop some corn, roll a joint and watch this recent documentary about Bill Gates and his foundations. This isn't a cheesy, manipulative documentary, it's informative and interesting.


"Whatever your motivations for clicking on this link, I promise you this article is not clickbait. This is not a put-on or satire or a trendy internet listicle. The #ExposeBillGates movement is deadly serious, and it aims to alert the public to the real dangers of the world that are coming into view: a world of lockdowns and quarantines, masks and vaccines, checkpoints and immunity passports, cashless payments and biometric IDs." - corbettreport.com/exposebillgates
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