At Times Like This We Need to Unite Not Divide.

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We're really in uncertain times at the moment. I don't do well with change, but know that it is a part of life and generally can work through things as they come. However, recently I've been feeling steamrolled by a continual stream of change after change and struggling to find one constant to cling onto, a life preserver in these building rapids. Yet I think I may have finally found it in the hands that have reached out to me from the communities around me in a display of what we truly need right now, coming together!

Recently my friend, @ligayagardener, posted this on his Facebook page:


One of the commenters underneath stated the belief that this was the best thing he'd posted and I had to agree with the sentiment. We are currently facing a worldwide crisis which hasn't been seen on this level for generations, the outcome of which is unknown at this point. Yet, as @artemislives highlighted so well, instead of coming together, some seem incapable or unwilling to put themselves in the shoes of others to appreciate their situation, choosing instead to abuse them. I don't like swearing at the best of times and #StayTheFuckHome certainly does seem to be an overused tag of late. I'm also not keen on the way doing a privilege check seems to be used by many as an attack, but there is an appropriate use for it currently, when we seem to forget that even in 1st world countries, not everyone has a home to stay in.

Technologically, Australia is rather behind compared to other first world countries and at times even second world countries. So when the none essential businesses were ordered to close and the welfare waiting period waivered, they actually thought the website was under a DDos attack when people piled in to sign on, crashing the system. The phone lines didn't cope much better and crowds of people descended on undermanned Centrelink offices, creating the very crowding the government was trying to stop in the first place. Should the have stayed at home, with no money to pay rent, mortgage or bills?

Children on their way to school are having abuse hurled at them for not staying home, because the parents who are in necessary work still need to go to work and may not be able to keep their children home.

People at the supermarkets are getting filthy looks and shamed if they load their trolley up high, but they could be an isolated farmer who lives so far away from everywhere that they can only make that big trip once a month to stock up until they can come out again. Or maybe they are someone with a big family, then the supermarket limits their purchases to two cans each. How far is that going to get them? Farmers are making trips around every supermarket in every town, just to try and get enough to last them a week.

We're not going to know for months yet, just what the outcomes will be to the Covid19 pandemic, but the chances are that the shockwaves will be felt for a long time after. Those who don't believe the virus is any worse than the seasonal flu, could be proven wrong and see loved ones lost to it. On the other hand, they could be perfectly right in blaming overreaction for the economic collapse which is now in full implosion and could end up with lives lost due to hunger. Either way, someone will be able to say “I told you so.” Does it really matter at this point who will get to say that?

Almost everyone is fearing the future. Divided, it doesn't matter who's right or wrong or whose fault it is, we won't get very far moving forward. United, we can help each other to try and get through this. When the virus abates, we're going to need each other more than ever.

Our economy was already collapsing, now it's just going implode. Will our governments blame it on the pandemic? You betcha! Moving forward is going to be harder than ever for small businesses and local businesses, but we can already begin to look at how we can start to help shift to a new paradigm, rather than attacking those we currently think are doing the wrong thing or believe the wrong thing.

Recently a friend invited me to a Facebook group, Australian made products. Like many countries we've outsourced a lot of our production and with borders closed we're going to start noticing it. Ironically, Australia is a country which spans a variety of climates and should, in theory, be able to self sustain food wise. Yet we don't. Matters won't be helped by the bushfires we had this spring and summer. We will need each other in the coming months and years. So even if you disagree with someone, just stop and think a moment where they might be coming from. The chances are they are just as fearful as you and I.


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Fear is crippling . isolation hurts. Love is the answer. Just walk a mile in someone else's shoes, your feet will hurt just as that person's heart hurts too.
We must all band together, uplift one another and there will be light again.


If only everyone could see that. ❤