Not a Meme

4개월 전


The image above has circulated the for some days now, people used it as a meme, funny gif and many more recycled it. I find it funny at the same time worrying especially when the world is unsettled with the spread of this virus. This could mean dozens of security breaches in several places of the same world.

Imagine if terrorist starts to put up the "I have coronavirus" sign to drive in populated areas and suicide bombs places, or a crazy shooter, maybe these are just extremely paranoid thoughts but I think it could happen after seeing the image. Engineered or not, the virus is doing the bidding of the elite, crashing stock prices and that of crypto. Maybe some people profit from this whole outbreak, maybe not, the world is edging to a full scale chaos if things continue to the way it is.

I fear for myself and that of my loved ones and friends, and I hope nobody falls sick and get infected.

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DAMN so true! lol corona virus the ultimate Freedom Loophole!

People are going to take advantage of this shit! and yeah we need guns lol

heres 100k Infowars tokens

i am preparing by creating a network of people

also we will build in zombiechat bridgedy and firechat style tech to steem so it works no matter what

At the head of each tribe or dapp is a fiefdom with a leader who tries to justify their crypto anarchism and explain how their governance will work, except for a few like in steem or especially telos which has great governance. But Steem SPS needs to start voting on things like, the community not wanting tron influence lol.


Cool stuff man, will check it out.