It will take about 18 months to get the coronavirus vaccine, according to the World Health Organization

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It will take about 18 months to get the coronavirus vaccine, according to the World Health Organization


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Tedros Adhanam Gabriasus, head of the World Health Organization (WHO), said it could take another 18 months for the deadly coronavirus vaccine to arrive.

He made the remarks on Monday while attending a virtual meeting of the UN Socio-Economic Council. The meeting was held to formulate an effective policy to deal with Kovid-19 disease, Khabar Fox News.

The WHO chief said efforts to find a coronavirus vaccine began last January. This work requires another 10 to 18 months.

He called on the United Nations to provide the necessary funding for the study, saying that the ৮ 600 million budget that Europe had provided was not enough.

Tedros Adhanam made the remarks about the World Health Organization's budget at a time when US President Donald Trump has cut off funding to the organization.

Trump claims that the World Health Organization, in collusion with China, has delayed providing the world with the necessary information on the coronavirus. The World Health Organization confirmed on January 22 that the virus was spreading from person to person. Trump claims the agency could have informed the world earlier.

The US president is making such allegations to cover up his administration's deadly failure to contain the horrific outbreak of the coronavirus in his country.

Because the outbreak of coronavirus in the United States began in March. In Trump's words, even if the World Health Organization had released the information as late as January 22, the United States would have received it more than a month later. But simply by ignoring it, the Trump administration failed to take action against the virus.
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Meanwhile #Boris-Johnson said the consequences of the lockdown relaxation would be dire

The British government has said that nationwide lockdowns will be phased out to prevent coronavirus infections. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the plan in a televised address on Sunday.

Boris Johnson, who has recovered from a coronavirus infection, said: "The lockdown cannot be ruled out at once. However, it will be phased out in view of the spread of coronavirus. 'He said,' The decision to hack the lockdown in a hurry will have dire consequences. The government will only encourage those who cannot work from home to go to work. For example: factory and construction workers. '

"In the second phase, children up to the age of 11 will be able to return to school and non-essential shops will be reopened," Boris said. Adult schools will be closed until September. The tourism industry and travel destinations will be open to the public by July.

Boris said the infection rate was being closely monitored through the newly introduced warning system, adding that if problems arose, he would not hesitate to back down from the plan.

Meanwhile, official sources have confirmed that the passengers who will enter the UK at this time will have to stay in the mandatory quarantine.

Boris said the country's health system would be further improved after overcoming this demonic condition. He believes that the future Britain will be much better and stronger than before.

The biggest thing is that in this lockdown, as different countries are relaxing their standard of living, there is good news in New Zealand.
They said in a press release that the number of new cases in their country is declining, there are no new cases, life is getting easier in New Zealand.

No one was newly infected with the novel coronavirus in New Zealand on Monday. Ninety percent of the country's 1,496 infected people have recovered. So far, 21 people have died in the country from coronary heart disease. However, no one died of the disease again.

Two corona patients at the hospital have returned to the ward
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New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is set to ease restrictions on movement this week. He said shops, cinema halls, playgrounds and gyms would be opened. However, social distance will be maintained everywhere.

Classes will start as usual at the school from May 16. However, the bars will remain closed till May 21.

New Zealand's neighbor Australia is also on the path to successful coronavirus resistance. The mobile app has been widely used in corona identification in Australia. But New Zealand is walking the path of tax exemption based on the awareness of its citizens, according to world media reports.

Meanwhile, two lakh 8 thousand 256 people have died due to coronavirus in the world so far. A total of 42 lakh 54 thousand 193 people were affected. And 15 lakh 26 thousand 106 people have recovered with the treatment.

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