Corona outbreak in USA. Now what?

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Should we be freaking out about Coronavirus?
Today in a press conference, Trump said no, everything is fine, live your life as normal, don't change your routine.

Is this irresponsible advice?

Coronavirus, (“COVID-19”) is a highly contagious virus that kills about 2% of people. But the most dangerous part about the virus is that the rate of new cases is increasing exponentially across the world with no sign of slowing down.

Until there's a cure or vaccine, we should absolutely be changing our routine to minimize contact with others, to slow the spread of the virus, because it's so contagious. Many companies in San Francisco are already encouraging their employees to work from home if they can, due to an expected outbreak there. Officials say “There’s almost assuredly going to be a significant number of people testing positive” in California, due to a woman being left undiagnosed there with the virus for weeks.

For 80% of people who contract the coronavirus they just have symptoms of a common cold or the flu. Doesn’t seem so bad. But 20% get a more serious infection, and end up in ICU on oxygen support. Older people and those with other ailments are at a higher risk, so most younger people will be fine. But hospitals all over the world are already overburdened. We can expect this situation to worsen, so this is not a time to get sick with anything, not just Coronavirus.

In this video I talk about the numbers we've seen so far, what coronavirus is, and what we can be doing to protect ourselves.
But the main takeaway: Stay safe, and try to avoid contact with others!

Huge thank you to Perry Metzger for his works of wisdom at the end of the video

Up to date map of the virus spread:

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