Thoughts on the effects of Coronavirus on society

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Hey guys, with everyone on lockdown during the coronavirus epidemic i thought i'd would be a good idea to share my thoughts on how this whole thing will affect the world.

I think it's super clear now how much this event has destabilized the world. Already it has affected many industries, stock markets, education systems, and of-course peoples lives. Because of this, I don't think we will go back to the way things were before the outbreak, not just in terms of animal agriculture which started the outbreak in the first place (wet markets in Wuhan, China), but also our general outlook towards growth and development, and how vulnerable our societies actually are to natural phenomena. All it took is one virus to cause mayhem around the world, not only were we not ready for it, but we aren't yet addressing the underlying issues that could cause such viruses to happen again. Unfortunately, as the spread of viruses is exponential, in some cases governments reacted too late closing borders and airports to stop the spread. This is something we need to take into account to prevent a future event of similar proportions.

Since the start of the epidemic, there have been substantial environmental benefits occurring around the world due to the economic standstill in most countries. Wild Peacocks running loose in the empty streets of Madrid, dolphins in the Venice canals, clear skies, and fresh air for the first time in a long time in mega metropolises that are normally covered in the grey smog of pollution that so characterizes our 'development'. I think we can all appreciate the stress that we have been causing the planet with our constant resource extraction and linear economic models that don't fit the reality anymore. Moreover, we are increasingly seeing groups and communities of people taking the call for ecological awareness to heart, and thousands of initiatives like eco-cities are popping up around the world, fully taking into account the value of sustainable practice, both in the short-term and the long. This is a beacon of hope and we shouldn't forget how powerful our technological capabilities are, that can be used for better or worse.

The important aspect of this time of change is that even though things are hard now, it doesn't mean they always will be. And that if we are willing to strategically adapt to the changing context, despite the uncomfortable transitional period that accompanies all change, we can rest assured that on the other side of the storm lies a calm and peaceful beach, and the night is always darkest before the dawn. All we need to do is stay open minded, listen to the signs nature is trying to show us, consider these signs as safety parameters in which to operate, and not push beyond them.

In any case time will tell how much things will really change, and i think no matter what happens it will depend on much more international cooperation to reach positive and sustainable solutions. My heart goes out to all the medical professionals risking their lives every day for the sake of others, and those tireless searching for a cure, our heroes on the frontline!

I hope this storm will pass quickly!

If anyone needs a great source of information to keep track of the virus my personal favorite is the Visual Capitalist website that makes it easy to understand:

Stay sustainable everybody, stay healthy, with love,

Dizzy Bee

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