Understanding the value proposition of Cosmos

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I want to share this article about Cosmos (the internet of blockchains) because I think this new project can be a game changer. Vitalik the founder of Ethereum and CZ the founder of Binance seem to be huge supporters of Cosmos and Tendermint.

Click here to read the full article

57 confirmed projects will build on Cosmos : https://forum.cosmos.network/t/list-of-projects-in-cosmos-tendermint-ecosystem/243

The ICO or "fundraiser" happened in April 2017 : https://fundraiser.cosmos.network/
Please join the telegram if you need more info : https://t.me/cosmosproject

The ATOM coin of cosmos is not yet tradable and will be available before the end of 2018.

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If you want to contact me for business opportunities please use telegram directly, my contact username is "JohanCrypto".

Disclaimer : I'm not a team member of cosmos, I'm a private investor.

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It's futile trying to market a coin in these markets


Agree, another doomed to fail project


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Another doomed to fail project


How does your comment add value?


How does yours? Or mine...


Yours made me laugh.

Hello, wonderful information, excellent way to promote yourself .. I will read it in detail ... vote for you. I humbly invite you to visit my profile, I would love to have your support. Thank you.

Its look like good project. Appreciate it

the world of cryptocurrencies is very complex and is on the rise as this publication greetings and my respects ...

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A good post I did pointing to other good resources and support items and showing the stealth support going on in Cosmos: https://medium.com/@JesseLivermore/basic-notable-cosmos-resources-aff336febe15

what is the price of cosmo and name the exchange please


Good effort from Cosmos to bring something new in internet , internet has evolved in last 25 years , I am sure it will grow , I don’t know what is next after internet , thank you bro for this info

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Great post! Very informative.

Is there any way to buy into cosmos? It seems interesting.


Is there any way
To buy into cosmos? It
Seems interesting.

                 - feelsomoon

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Great cosmos!
Allow me to wear my cosmic sun glass..

Interesting publication!

But is it distributed???

Definitely a project to keep your eye on!

That's amazing that so many projects are already confirmed for Cosmos and that Vitalik at Ethereum and CZ at Binance are supporting it.

Interesting concept, will keep a look out for COSMOS!

Re-steemed this for ya to help with your promotion efforts!

Good information. Thanks to this article!

Cryptocurrency is too complex, but am happy you understand its mechanism...congrats


I read the article
What about Cosmos Blockchain Governance
System like Cosmos, having a strict governance model is absolutely essential or not?

That is an interesting name. I thought the post was about this universe. Lots of new thing are happening around

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Oh thats cool :D hope to look into cosmos ahead.

Universe is for the most part observed as an interoperability arrangement, something to associate blockchains together. While it is unquestionably a piece of what we are attempting to accomplish, this origination of Cosmos clears out…

very good plate form i can check and join your team.good in formation

@najohFurthermore, blockchains can influence different sorts of advanced to esteem. Like the web (or your auto), you don't have to know how the blockchain attempts to utilize it. Be that as it may, having an essential learning of this new innovation demonstrates why it's viewed as progressive. In this way, we trust you appreciate this.

Understanding the value proposition of Cosmos

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It looks very interesting, I will investigate a little more


Don't bother it will not succeed

Never heard about it before, so I googled it and ended up reading this Cosmos / Tendermint explained for real idiots Medium article in full. Very interesting read, and now I can say I'm a bit less of an idiot (not only on the topic of Cosmos but about blockchain consensus in general). :-)

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This is beautifull.
Good content, colleague!

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