Counterparty (XCP) Could give a Better Buying Opportunity

3년 전

CounterParty (XCP) is analyzed to determine the probable stage of the correction. Elliott Waves and Patterns are used to qualify the counts and identify a primary price pathway.

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I love the video because it explains better and its easily understandable

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so its a great time for XCP buyer dont forget to follow haejin each time watch last post and then check market history you will found that these prediction and analysis are 99% correct . Only sudden crash or some thing unexpected thing happens in the world only affect market analysis ,and the jealous people always only point out that . we are with @haejin


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not hard to read post . you can see everything at there.

Hi Haejin, love the analysis.

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Muchas gracias por compartir tus análisis

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A month later, apologies for not believing you. XCP just hit $11-12. Your target $9. So, awesome call! Would love if you could update us...