The price of Installing Granite Countertops

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Granitic countertops are one of the most useful and popular choices of expensive kitchen surfaces. However, along with the price of materials, the cost of setting up granite countertops can be large and stops many persons from installing natural rock countertops when remodeling their particular kitchen.


Different Types of Granite Countertops

Not all granite countertops will be equally expensive, and significant savings can be achieved by applying lower quality granite. In this instance, lower quality is not really a reflection of the durability or perhaps the beauty of the stone, yet on how rare it is. Piece granite countertops are the priciest because they are a naturally created single slab of granitic stone cut to assess, while granite remnants and granite tiles are much less expensive but won't look smooth, which is something desirable on the kitchen counter. Check more Granite Countertops Tulsa

Before ignoring granite completely, consider looking at alternative forms of natural stone to see if the cheaper choices are within your budget. The cost of putting in granite countertops can also be decreased if you choose a granite type that can be installed by the homeowner, instead of slab granite that needs specialist tools and professional skills.

Slab Granite Counters

The king of stone countertops, slab granite set up is not a DIY task. Giant slabs are extracted off-site and cut towards the exact size of your home. There, experienced professionals will certainly install it. If you ever dream of trying a DIY job about this you risk cracking the stone and wasting lots of money. The cost of installing slab marble countertops and materials is normally over $60 per rectangular foot but can vary a whole lot depending on how easy you should get granite near your house. Exotic stones that need to be brought in will be much more expensive than locally sourced ones, as well as the installation costs will reveal that as well.

Modular Granitic

If you are not worried about a couple of seams, modular granite countertops are made of smaller slabs, slice to pieces that match a kitchen. You can produce any style of kitchen surface circulation with them, and if you are an experienced DIY you may also install it yourself, which means you can obtain granite about 3 or 4 occasions cheaper than natural piece stone. On the other hand, seams happen to be unavoidable. However, since doing it yourself granite pieces are quite big there aren't as many stitches as with granite tile countertops.

Granite Tile Countertops

This is actually the cheapest way of getting Corian, and you can even install it your self, lowering the costs even more. This actually involves installing granitic tiles on the countertops, fastened with epoxy instead of mortar and grout. If this kind of reminds you of installing ground tiles, it is because granite floor tile countertops are often just flooring tiles, repurposed. This means there are certainly going to be a lot of joins, which is not something you really want over a kitchen, but it's, of course, a very cheap way of obtaining a granite kitchen surface that you could install yourself. You can get stone tiles at any home re-designing store, for prices as little as $4 per square feet if you use ¾ inches marble sheets.

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