Application entry - Why I would make a good Steem Country Representative for India

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Hey all,
Welcome to my blog. This blog is my entry for the post of country representative. I found recently the blog of @steemitblog has expanding the network hence they are looking for representative. Here I am presenting myself for it.


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Let me start with my story

Initial time was hard on steem because when you see other people post they will get upvotes and we didn't get any of it felt us so depressed. Hence I made many mistakes in steem getting paid upvotes and now I completely get away from those type of earnings. So I know how initially new comers try to scam.

I started blogging on steemit from 2016 this is not my first account @ranjithpvrp was my first account. I switched to this account nearly a 2 years before. Consistency is the key. That is what I found in the end.

Communities and contest I involved in :-

I was active in BOI ( Best of India) I was consistently active in participating the dairy game post and Crypto academy series too.

Why I think I was suitable for country representative?

I know how hard it was difficult to create an new blog in base of alignment and other highlights. I would make an complete detailed explanation about how to make alignment and review the blogs of community as much as possible. I would suggest them how to make their blogs better than current version of their writings. I would also love to bring some real world persons to know about the steemit and it's potential.

I really don't wished to speak about myself. Please consider my application and you can verify all the aspect which I mentioned in my profile 😜

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Good, I appreciate your hard work on steemit


🙂 Happy to see comment. Thanks for appreciation 🤗


Thak you ranjith, please support out community,


Sure 😃