Steem-Bangladesh Country Specific Curation Account Curation Earnings Report



Steem-Bangladesh Country Specific Curation Account Curation Earnings Report

Earnings Report @steemxbangladesh

Curations Earnings : 8.646 SteemPower

Calculation of Earnings Distribution

Investors via Delegations Earn Curation Rewards in proportion to their invested SteemPower
Total account SP 1346
Total SteemPower earned in August 8.646.
@shortsegments 1000 SP (1000/1346) x 8.646 = 6.423
@tarpan 250 SP. (250/1346) x 8.646 SP = 1.605
@jakir357 40 SP (40/1346) x 8.646 = 0.2569
@tapu33357 35 SP (40/1346) x 8.646 = 0.2248

@shortsegments will send 8.646 Steem to the account @steemxbangladesh so the account can pay all delegators in Steem
In return I will delegate the 8.646 SteemPower earned to @shortsegments

Earnings Distribution

I will send @tarpan 1.605 Liquid Steem
I will send @shortsegments 6.423 Liquid Steem
I will send @jakir357 0.2569 Steem
I will send @tapu33357 0.2248 Steem

Delegator Amount Vesting Shares Delegation Time
jakir357 40.086 SP 0.078 MVests 2020-08-10, 12:11
shortsegments76 1,002.263 SP 1.938 MVests 2020-08-09, 04:06
steem-staking52 10.015 SP 0.019 MVests 2020-08-17, 11:15
tapu33357 35.075 SP 0.068 MVests 2020-08-10, 11:32
tarpan63 250.537 SP 0.485 MVests 2020-08-10, 09:45







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@tarpan, @toufiq777
@anroja, @ernaerningsih

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  ·  작년

Thanks @shortsegments, right now our community mambers accounts are growing. We hope in future we will be able to delegate more.