I'm lowering all my course prices...

3개월 전

... to make them more accessible to folks struggling financially through the Corona virus upheaval of business.

You can view all my courses on Teachable: sora.teachable.com

The Low Budget Millionaire course is just being released, which is specifically for people seeking to exit the mainstream bondage to high expenditure and excess.... Into freedom, abundance and flow on the smallest budget.
You can also access all my courses through my Patreon/claregalloway

Things in Italy are getting intense with all non-essential leaving of our houses frowned upon... Doesn't change my blessed life much, as I live a bit like a hermit, mostly.

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All my work and courses can be accessed by my patrons via www.patreon.com/claregalloway, by the way, for those who can't afford to sign up conventionally <3