My idea for the new cover of Qurator

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Here is my idea for the new cover for the DAILY QURATOR

  • For the logo, I kept the original color of it because qurator was known for this kind of color and I met qurator this way.

  • I turned the DAILY QURATOR text into red to get the vibe of the Hive's color scheme.

  • If you notice, there are five pictures in the cover compare to the usual one picture. I made it this way because I want to feature all the works of the great authors. The big picture in the center represents it as the best among the other featured posts. It is also the background of the whole cover. With this, there is still an emphasis on one post/work.

  • Then on the TODAY'S AUTHORS, I included the pictures of the authors. So that the other people will recognize these great and amazing authors not only by their names, but also with their iconic icons/pictures.

I hope you guys like it!

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