Sky Dreadnoughts Above Blanket of Clouds

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Sky Dreadnoughts Above Blanket of Clouds

My Videos on reporting on the Black Budget craft that tap into the fourth state of matter using the electromagnetic field is an attempt to offer proof of the U.S. Sky Dreadnought and Special Access Programs. Seems like I need to prove it to everyone. So I guess proof is what it’s going to take. Hard to photograph due to the 7D holographic imaging that renders it invisible not to mention they can travel in hyper speed. Its electromagnetic and its real. Teams are some of the best hackers and ease dropping experts from all around the world. Any where in the world in 12 min. I'll build a craft that levitates and travels at hyper speed. Yes I will.

I am getting tired of sounding like Dr Who. So I should build a particle accelerator and record the phenomenon associated with the device. The first thing that happens is the transmutation of the elements. It was Rumpelstiltskin who created gold with his spinning wheel. They didn't tell you that his spinning wheel was a partial accelerator. Its time travel. Time vs Gravity. I’ll make a video explaining the reaction chamber and beat Tom DeLong and his team from Lockheed Martin. Spoiler their done. They finished building their ship. They just havent announced it. Advertise on my next blog. Send steem to @spiritrider in comet section tell about your project and attach a photo of logo and other pics for your advertisement.
Sky Dreadnoughts Black Budget Electromagnetic Hyper Sonic Speed. Tell my you get it in the comment section if you get it. Do you get it?

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