The state is telling the vaccinated few the rest of us are keeping them locked down - BULLSHIT!


As the Covid "vaccine" effort finally gets underway this spring, after a botched start at Christmas, rhetoric against anyone not planning to take it is ramping up heavily. The manufacturers say they don't know if their products stop transmission of the virus - they are to act as symptom-blockers once the recipient gets infected. But the mainstream media is banking on people not knowing the truth, and keeping them ignorant to that fact, so the public continues to believe the vaccines are about protecting us from the virus. We're told it is mutating - getting more infectious and deadly - and the vaccine is our only hope. We're told anyone who doesn't take the vaccine is crazy and/or malicious.

This weekend, Saturday Night Live poked fun at those of us not taking the injection, and today, CNN is outright claiming unvaccinated people are drawing out the pandemic and the lockdowns. Now I'm getting random comments from troll accounts on HIVE, telling me that my efforts to wake people up are actually causing the devastating lockdowns and restrictions. The media and Hollywood are doing their job - keep a large segment of the population ignorant to the truth, and make them hate and fear the rest of us.

(SNL's depiction of a typical person who doesn't want a Covid vaccine. This character was bribed with barbecues and women, but still would not take the shot.)

CNN is social engineering

From the start, the whores in the mainstream media, or should we say the state media, have done nothing but present one side - the pro-vaccine side - of this debate. In fact, calling it a "debate" is silly. There has been no debate. Only the pro-state, pro-vaccine stance is allowed. Everything else is not only not seriously considered, it is ridiculed, mocked, mischaracterized, slandered, and spat on at every opportunity. This isn't news coverage, this is programming. Sadly, some people are susceptible to this kind of tactic:

"What are you actually protesting against, personal hygiene? personal responsibility? One reason we're still locked down is ignorant protests like this." - a comment on this post about an anti-lockdown protest

Today, CNN had an expert say the problem is a "coalition" made up of anti-maskers, conspiracy nutjobs, anti-vaxxers, anti-Semites, gun rights groups, religious fanatics, militias, paramilitaries, soccer moms, educated professionals, yoga ladies, keyboard warriors, and anyone else you can imagine. Any age, any colour, any shape, any size. They claim this is the most diverse group of conspiracy theorists ever seen. Maybe that's because this group is EVERYBODY! Only the state's cronies and its most obedient core supporters are buying the nonsense at this point.

Seriously, this garbage is just laughable. The mainstream position has become so ridiculous and removed from the truth, that it can't even keep its lies straight anymore, and doesn't even try. The worst part is, their core audience continues to worship them and obey their every command, no matter how dangerous.

And their rally cry is "we believe in science and logic", while ignoring all data, and refusing to have a logical debate.

The government is even directly paying "influencers" (online mini-celebrities) to get their followers to wear masks, download contact tracking apps to their smart devices, and take Covid injections!

Influencers are the key to getting the younger generations to comply, says CNN. Their talking points are handed to them by the government, but they're encouraged to express them to followers with their own unique methods. "This is not political in any way," is the disclaimer. Well, it's certainly not scientific, that's for sure. The scientists (who aren't owned by the government, big pharma, or mainstream media) side with the people. This is blatant propaganda. There's no better word to describe it. And it's right in your face. They brazenly admit that they're paying us - with our own money - to convince each other to take the vaccines!

I wrote recently a comprehensive article about the vaccines, and how they are now being made increasingly mandatory, even in Canada and the USA.

Then I covered the story of AstraZeneca being pulled from use in Canada as more people continue to die of blood clots.

Months ago, I did an important video called The Pfizer "Vaccine" is NOT a Vaccine, which continues to organically spread and reach thousands. I have based much of my content since then on that video.

Just a few days ago, I wrote how CNN is glorifying the injection of experimental pharmaceutical products into children as young as 6 months old. They're even having little kids sign their rights away, as soon as they're old enough to hold a pen!

That's called normalizing systematic child abuse.

This goes against the Nuremberg Code in more than a few ways. That another way to say what we're doing is very similar to what Nazi Germany did.

I've pointed out before that the conditions for tyranny are ALL currently in place. In just 2 or 3 generations, we have come full circle from 100% freedom to almost 100% fascism - and many people haven't even noticed. Ignorance is allowing it to happen again - just like last time.

Despite all the tactics being put to use, there isn't even 50% compliance with the "vaccinations" in most places. There's NO way to reach the 85% required for artificial herd immunity. Not even with the free donuts (lures). Not even with the threat of not being able to travel, attend church, see family, or go to a movie. Not even with the nonstop propaganda on every TV station, urging people to be vaccinated, and mocking those who haven't. Not even Hank Aaron taking it to show black people how safe it is. Not even with social media influences begging their followers to comply.

It can't happen, and they know this. This war is meant to be waged, not won. Power is not a means, it is an end.

On Consent

It is IMPOSSIBLE (not just immoral and unwise) to give consent while under duress - any "consent" obtained from somebody in duress is illegitimate. If you are feeling in any way threatened or coerced to take a Covid injection, you have a duty as a responsible person to postpone giving consent, until such time as you don't feel threatened or coerced, and have all necessary information required to make an informed choice.

Thousands of medical professionals - researchers, doctors, scientists - are putting their careers on the line right now, including many pro-vaccine advocates within the pharma system, to demand a stop to the worldwide vaccination agenda until safety and effectiveness of the products can be determined. They say there is no great rush to vaccinate, as the pandemic ended a year ago, in April 2020. And they say there are alternative treatments and cures that work - no need for the jabs. Why would all these professionals (essentially, any who aren't on the state payroll) be willing to risk everything to inform the rest of us? CNN would have you believe they have all suddenly lost their minds, or become malicious anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorist nutjobs that want to kill your Grama. "You can't believe everything your TV tells you" is just as true now as it ever was.

I worked as a nurse for 10 years, with many elderly patients on the brink of death, even through the H1N1 epidemic and other contagious illnesses. We NEVER wore masks, except during surgery. But I was forced to take a vaccination I didn't need. I was told if I didn't, I'd be fired. After I took it, I was sick for the first time in years. The "epidemic" went away on its own, and ever since, people who got that vaccine and were harmed by it are fighting to be recognized.

Even worse, was the 1976 Swine Flu pandemic. President Ford came on TV to "show how safe it is". I was a baby, and got that vaccine in my upper arm - the scar is still there. Turns out nobody needed that one, either, and a lot of people got permanent neurological damage, or died because of it. It was swept under the rug, the "pandemic" went away on its own, and big pharma got legal protection in case it ever happened again.

And here we are.

The state is responsible for the lockdowns. Not any individual person, or group of people, or even a virus. The STATE is the cause of the lockdowns, the fear, the "pandemic", the vaccines, the mask laws, the restrictions, the economic collapse, the suicides, the desperation, and the division. Blaming each other is exactly what the state wants. That is the plan... demic.

I'm not okay with being manipulated, tricked, coerced, propagandized, lured, and threatened into taking anything, let alone something that was rushed and has not been tested. I am under duress, and thus, cannot consent to taking any experimental Covid vaccines. At a later date, IF there's no trickery, propaganda, censorship, threats, or manipulation being used, and I can see several years of safety and efficacy data, it may be possible for me to give consent. I'm not saying I will, I'm just saying I'd be able to consider it at that point.

Until then, it's a "No" for me and my family.

I urge you to do your OWN research and come to your OWN conclusion. Not the one CNN wants to beat you over the head with and shove down your throat.


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